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Activate any Sprint phone including iPhone on prepaid via PlatinumTel

Posted by 14 February, 2012

Activate any Sprint phone including iPhone on prepaid via PlatinumTeliPhone on prepaid was so unreachable for majority of users but within just a few weeks, we got the possibility to activate iPhone on prepaid with more than one MVNO, in legal way, of course. Besides PlatinumTel that through its master dealer ACRS Wireless allows activating any Sprint phone with clean ESN, there is a “Bring your own device” offer from Straight Talk and NET10 as well, which allows buying a SIM cards that work in any AT&T or T-Mobile GSM handset, except Blackberrys.

Only Sprint branded phones are eligible for PlatinumTel service and only the ones that are not blacklisted. This is very important since there will be no refund if activation fails due to this reason so make sure to check at if the phone is clean.

Also, the process of activation lasts two to three weeks and ones you activate it on PlatinumTel, there is no way to reverse the process, to go back to Sprint. The coverage is same as with Boost and Virgin Mobile, Sprint subsidiaries, and the roaming is not included.

Unlike Straight Talk and NET10, Blackberry phones can be activated as well but since PlatinumTel does not support BIS, Internet service for Blackberrys, there will be no support for picture massaging, just talk and text. Except Blackberry phones and iPhone on prepaid, Sprint Android phones are also available, keep that in mind, since there are some great handsets available.

The service is available at New customers will be charged $40 for activation but will have a 200-minute PayGo credit included while current customers will be charged the same but without included free minutes. Also, new customers will be charged $85 if they activate the phone on unlimited plan, which includes free month of service for $45.


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