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Airvoice Wireless includes Auto Refill option in its offer

Posted by 13 March, 2013

Airvoice Wireless includes Auto Refill option in its offerAT&T MVNO Airvoice Wireless has included Auto Refill option to its offer. Users can now renew the $10 plan easier, without losing days of service or rollover balance in case they have it on their account.

The $10 monthly plan acts like a pay as you go option. For $10 per month, users can talk and text at the lowest monthly cost (4¢ per minute, 2¢ per text) while MMS and data are at the same rates as real pay as you go rates (8¢ – 10¢ per minute, 10¢ per text, 10¢ + data used per MMS, 33¢ per MB). Also, if users have any balance left at the time of the renewal date, it will rollover to the next 30 days of service if users renew before the 30-days period ends.

Up until now, Airvoice’s $10 plan was hard to renew since users had to do it precisely on the 30th day of service. If users have renewed their plan earlier, a new expiration date moved to 30 days from the renewal, not from the day the previous month has ended, therefore, they were losing days of service. If they renewed later, they were loosing service but more importantly rollover balance if there was any left at the time.

From now on, users can choose to automatically renew their service using a credit or debit card. The best time to set up auto renewal is the closest day possible to plan’s expiration date since auto-renewal starts immediately, according to Howard Forum user.

In addition to pay as you go option and a $10 plan, Airvoice Wireless offers a $30 plan with unlimited talk and text, a $35 plan with unlimited talk, text (100 international texts), MMS and 100 MB of data, a $40 plan that comes with 500 MB of data and a $55 plan that raises data allotment to 1GB.

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