AT&T and GoPhone Stream Saver, Compressed Video Streaming, Launching Early Next Year

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  1. Bobby Peery says:

    I do not want stream saver turned on. End mktg.msgs. I will contact Att if I want any changes to my plan thanks.

  2. I just turned on the ,”Stream Saver on my ,Prepaid Galaxy rep Samsung AT&T Go Phone. As far as I know it was not turned on automatically by AT&T. I do not need this feature, if it is going to add to my current phone-Bill price ? Also I ‘ am being told to change SOMETHING ?, in my “message app.” I opted out for the new SMS message option yesyerday.Then had a change of heart/mind & went back in & turned the SMS ,Purple,F.B. messaging option back on.Do I need to go back into regular ,”Messages App. & change something? I just read, that there is an ,”ERROR”,that needs turned off. I’m un-aware of how to straighten this message problem out ? ? ? Can i get a HELP reply PLEASE !

    • admin says:

      Go to (or through the myAT&T app) and turn it off or back on. Ones you change Stream Saver settings, you also need to wait for 5 minutes and then restart your phone so the change can take effect.

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