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Boost Mobile notifies iDEN users about phasing out iDEN network

Posted by 10 March, 2012

Boost Mobile notifies iDEN users about phasing out iDEN networkEven though the start of phasing out iDEN network was announced for April 2012, Sprint already has started it in Louisiana. However, Boost customers haven’t been notified about this approaching change at all up until now, even though a significant number of them will be affected. Boost Mobile notifies iDEN users by sending them a text message in which they are making sure users are aware of what is going to happen. They also offered a contact number 1-888-266-7848 for any questions or concerns ones their service is affected.

Eventually, every iDEN user will be affected since the complete shutdown of iDEN network is planned for sometime in 2013. This way, the high operating costs will be reduced, outdated technology will be replaced which will improve the Sprint’s 3G and build out the 4G LTE network.

So, this is a positive thing even though it doesn’t appear that way to iDEN users. At this point, Boost Mobile has no CDMA PTT phones to replace the existing iDEN Walkie Talkie ones but that could change. Any way, we’ll see about that when time comes but for now, at least Boost Mobile notifies iDEN users about starting a phase out of iDEN network next month and offering them a contact number for more information.

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  • jackie says:

    Boost mobile is a reasonable place to get phone but they are rude #34th street location and its the main guy…..didn’t say hello,was very cold like he didn’t wont me there..and through the whole process continue being rude…..then when a Mexican family came he was very friendly….I now pay bill at different location….but I notice all the location ran by Mexicans no black working for them ,but we provide a lot of boost business witch is not the different from Clear talk but clear talk hire people of all colors

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