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ZTE Warp, new Android powered smartphone coming to Boost Mobile

Sprint’s Boost Mobile will be releasing its latest announced handset, an Android-powered smartphone ZTE Warp, on November 2nd. The Boost’s first ZTE smartphone will be available for $249.99 excluding taxes. It is just $20...


Samsung Transform Ultra available now for Boost Mobile

Right on time, Samsung Transform Ultra has become available for purchase at Boost Mobile. Everything is as announced; it is available for $229.99 with no contract and it goes with either carrier’s $55 Android...



Samsung Transform Ultra on October 7 at Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile announced yesterday that they would add the second Android phone to its lineup, Samsung Transform Ultra, on October 7 for $229.99. A descendant to a last year’s Transform released by a parent...



Motorola i1 – Boost Mobile Android smartphone

Motorola i1 is a first Android phone for Boost Mobile, and first smartphone to run on Nextel’s iDEN network. Even if it is not one of the best Android phones, it is still unexpected...