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Page Plus increases data to 500 MB on the $29.95 plan

Last month, Page Plus’s online dealer Kitty Wireless has revealed the carrier’s intention to increase data to the $29.95 and $39.95 monthly plans scheduled for the middle of July and middle of August, respectively....


Page Plus MEBILS officially canceled

Almost all changes announced by Page Plus’s online dealer, Kitty Wireless, have gone into effect during the last two months except the one that makes MEBILS possible. Originally, Page Plus MEBILS or “Monthly Expired Bundle-in-Limbo...


Updated: Page Plus MEBILS option effective now

Update: Page Plus MEBILS or “Monthly Expired Bundle-in-Limbo Solution” is officially canceled, according to Kitty Wireless Forums: “We have just received word from Page Plus, that due to the technical difficulty that this unknown bug...