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Ting Samsung Galaxy S5 available for pre-orders

Sprint MVNO Ting has started taking pre-orders of Samsung Galaxy S5. According to their website, the Galaxy S5 will be available for $597. Ting Samsung Galaxy S5 will start shipping from May 5.


Ting adds iPhone 5 to BYOD from March 11

Sprint MVNO Ting has announced on its blog yesterday that in the afternoon of March 11, Ting will start activating used Sprint iPhone 5 through its Bring Your Own Device program. Ting adds iPhone...


Ting drops data pricing on two-year anniversary

Sprint MVNO Ting has announced today that they are celebrating two-year anniversary by slashing data prices of their prepaid plans. Ting drops data pricing for all data plans except for XS that’s still $0...


Ting supports Nexus 5 purchased from Google Play Store

Sprint MVNO Ting has announced that it officially supports activation of Nexus 5 through it BYOD program. However, it only activates the ones purchased directly from the Google Play Store. The fact that Ting...