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iPhone 4 on Page Plus with a catch

Posted by 19 October, 2011

iPhone 4 on Page PlusUpdate: There is no iPhone 4 on Page Plus nor it will be for the time being according to the Page Plus’s latest statement given to Kitty Wireless, their premier online dealer:

“The iPhone is not allowed at this time. Should an iPhone be activated on the network, it could be subject to deactivation at any point in time in the future if the “powers that be” determine to do that.”

Below, you can find out what was the situation before this twist.

It seems as the ban on activating the Verizon iPhone 4 on Page Plus is being lifted. Previously, dealers were not allowed to activate an iPhone on an MVNO but now, after the lunch of the new iPhone 4s, apparently, they are. However, there is a catch added by Verizon today. The latest information is that only the iPhone that’s first been activated on a postpaid Verizon account can be activated for an MVNO. So, either it has to be used, or tied to a previous account.

Regardless of choosing option to buy the phone unsubsidized, pay for a month of Verizon service before taking it to Page Plus or subsidized, again pay for a month and than pay termination fee, either way it will cost you.

Even though it looks as if dealers are officially allowed to activate Verizon iPhone 4 on Page Plus and that iPhones must be used or tied to a previous account, but even though there is some uncertainty, they are definitely being activated one way or another. However, to be completely sure before spending too much money, maybe some more confirmation should be looked-for.

In addition, a new, flat $55 plan with unlimited talk, text and 300MB of data is also becoming available for Page Plus from October 25th.

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