ItsOn’s Zact shutting down, Sprint launching new prepaid service with ItsOn technology

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  1. trader says:

    Great way to run a business, isn’t it? Announce you’re terminating customers service at the end of August, dumping us to Sprint, with no information at all as to what the Sprint plan/pricing will be. Business 101 would suggest that you should have the plan details avaialable at the time you do the notification, instead of leaving customers in the dark. Sounds like they want to get rid of us, I’m probably not the only customer that is already now looking at possible alternatives. And to top it off, Bestbuy had Zact phones on sale for 1/2 price about 10 days ago. They are still selling them online right now, with nothing said about the end of Zact service.

    And to top it all off, I see where the CEO said that it was never the business plan to be a MVNO. They only used ZACT to prove the concept with the goal being to sell the idea to Sprint and other cell carriers. If they were honest and told you that when you went to buy a phone, how many would they sell? Sounds like the makings of a class action lawsuit, if the Sprint plan isn’t similar to what Zact offered.

  2. Dave Munson says:

    Yes, here we are; it’s now Monday, July 21st, and still don’t have answers about what Sprint will offer as replacement! I called Sprint today trying to get answers, and got a link to this website.

  3. Max says:

    Yes – we just bought a new Zact enabled phone literally a month and a half ago. At full price, I might add. Had I known the service was SHUTTING DOWN in a matter of WEEKS, I certainly would not have signed on to be a beta tester for ItsOn!! They gave me free service in July – that’s a value of about $15. Yippee. It’s a week and a half from the ‘no service’ date, and we have NO information about what the new Sprint plan will be. I was all excited about the Zact service, so it’s a huge let-down to be treated this way. REALLY sucky customer service.

    I now have a phone that I don’t really like – it’s okay and was acceptable considering the huge savings from the Zact plan, but it’s NOT the phone I wanted or would have chosen on my own. And I have no phone plan. Here’s hoping Verizon is ready for a new customer!

  4. HERB PEARSON says:

    I have just returned from Canada after the summer and before I left I had both phones suspended. I need support to migrate them to Virgin Mobile Custom – HELP
    863-816-0320 ( LANDLINE)
    ZACT gALAXY3S – 863 838-8248 AND 863-529-8474

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