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LG 290c – Tracfone cell phone with Double minutes for life

Posted by 18 July, 2011

LG 290cTracfone LG 290c is a CDMA slide phone that lives up to LG standards for quality. That’s why this phone seems to offer better coverage and even faster use of features. Same as other phones in this class ($49.99) offered by Tracfone, LG 290c too features Bluetooth, a 1.3 megapixel camera and voice activated dialing. Also, it comes with Tracfone’s prepaid plans and Double  Minutes For Life, so every minute you add to your airtime is doubled for as long as you own the phone. This cell phone is also included in Net10’s as well as Straight Talk’s lineup.


Tracfone LG 290c is a slide-style phone with slider mechanism that feels solid and durable. All phone build actually feels that way and that is something that satisfies the users the most. It features a slide-out, standard 12-key numeric keypad, as well as four shortcut keys for composing a text message, viewing images, camera and calendar. Its size of 4.09″ by 1.94″ by 0.63″ makes just enough room for the large screen that is in fact larger from the screens of most phones offered by TracFone, Net10, or Straight Talk. Its weight of 4.1 ounces make this phone feel slightly heavier but at the same time compact so it’s not all for bad. The display on the screen has not that much problem with the distortion when viewed from the side as LG 600G for example, but is rather bright and sharp. And what might be a very important detail about LG 290c design for some users is that there is no word “TracFone” anywhere on the outside of the phone so you cannot tell it’s a prepaid phone.


LG 290c provides features as mobile web service. Apart from limited web access to only the TracFone mobile web, you can access the WAP versions of the sites as espn.com or facebook, among others, if you go to web browser, choose options and enter the URL. Still, be aware that this privilege can deduct the significant amount of your airtime.

However, some users do not want to waste their minutes on the web browsing but still accidentally press the browser shortcut and the unwanted happens. To avoid this, go to Menu>Settings>Security, and enter the lock code – either “0000,” or the last four digits of your phone number. After that go to the restrictions menu option, enter the lock code again and hit Data>Lock. The result will be that data is locked but if you want to reverse it, repeat the process.

Another key feature of LG 290c is a Bluetooth capability. However, seems that Bluetooth also wasn’t meant to allow data transfer (like sending your pictures to the computer or even better, transferring audio files and pictures from computer to your phone for using them as ringtones and wallpapers), but there is a way for unlocking this feature too.

“From the main screen go to Menu>Settings>Bluetooth>Power>Off>OK. Press End to return to the main screen. Dial ##7764726290 and press send. Enter 000000 press OK. Scroll down to Bluetooth Setting and press OK. FTP Server is highlighted press OK. Yes is highlighted press OK. Highlight On and press OK (NOTE: Even if there is a check mark next to On already select it again. You will have to do this every time you want to transfer files).”

With a 1.3 megapixel camera (1280×960) some quite sharp and quality photos of your surroundings can be taken but you will not be able to record a video. Also, voice recorder, voice dialing, hands-free speaker, standard organization tools, picture messaging are available at Tracfone LG 290c. In addition, this phone is Hearing Aid compatible device.

What counts the most since this phone is mostly talking phone, is call quality. Well LG 290c can be proud of call quality even with some distortion at higher volumes. Reception, however, is excellent as well as battery life. For talk time battery lasts up to 3 hours and standby time – up to 7.5 days.


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