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LG Enlighten to be added to Straight Talk

Posted by 25 June, 2012

LG Enlighten to be added to Straight TalkThe latest report from PhoneNews suggests that we can expect LG Enlighten to be added to Straight Talk as the second Verizon-powered Android smartphone. LG Enlighten is entry-level Android handset perfect for messaging since it features full physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

Not so long ago, running Gingerbread meant that the phone was mid to higher-end phone but now that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich becomes the part of prepaid offer, Gingerbread is a minimum. In addition to full physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard and Android 2.3 platform, Straight Talk LG Enlighten comes with an 800MHz processor, a 3.5-inch touchscreen, a 3-megapixel camera with video capture, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi connectivity, multitasking and more.

Another Straight Talk’s Verizon-powered smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, is quite similar handset with LG Enlighten specs-wise but with the faster 1GHz processor. It uses Swype as input method, which might be advantage for some, but for many users LG Enlighten might just be what they need for easy messaging with its slide-out keyboard.

Since there is no any hint on the phone’s price, it should costs less than Proclaim, which is available for $179.99. Regarding the time when LG Enlighten is expected to be added to Straight Talk’s lineup, it seems it will happen in the next few weeks. We’ll wait for confirmation or just its showing up on the Straight Talk’s website as it was with the previous handsets.

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2 Responses to “LG Enlighten to be added to Straight Talk”
  • Juanita rodriguez says:

    I am a Real Estate agent and i literally run my business on a straight talk phone “i love it” i do need something hands free right now i have to scroll down a list of names and type in numbers. looking at the LG Optimus Zip or the LG Enlightened coming out soon which do you recommend for me i can pay now. and have phone sent to me when you get it Let me know okay Thanks have a blessed day.My phone is 4238450123 you are welcome to call me also. or email me

  • Ms. Jackson says:

    I am a Straight Talk customer- besides the arrogant customer service-the phones on Verizon tower are great! I have the Samsung Proclaim-Verizon tower and Android smartphone! Couldn’t ask for a better phone. I would suggest you use a phone that’s on Verizon network so you can get full coverage. THe Zip is on AT&T…sucks. Always review the phone to see if it’s Verizon tower. Hope this helps!

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