LG Enlighten to be added to Straight Talk

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  1. Juanita rodriguez says:

    I am a Real Estate agent and i literally run my business on a straight talk phone “i love it” i do need something hands free right now i have to scroll down a list of names and type in numbers. looking at the LG Optimus Zip or the LG Enlightened coming out soon which do you recommend for me i can pay now. and have phone sent to me when you get it Let me know okay Thanks have a blessed day.My phone is 4238450123 you are welcome to call me also. or email me

  2. Ms. Jackson says:

    I am a Straight Talk customer- besides the arrogant customer service-the phones on Verizon tower are great! I have the Samsung Proclaim-Verizon tower and Android smartphone! Couldn’t ask for a better phone. I would suggest you use a phone that’s on Verizon network so you can get full coverage. THe Zip is on AT&T…sucks. Always review the phone to see if it’s Verizon tower. Hope this helps!

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