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RingPlus Discontinues Some Legacy Plans 1

RingPlus Discontinues Some Legacy Plans

Sprint MVNO RingPlus discontinues some legacy plans, according to a message sent out to users with affected plans. The carrier’s notice includes list of plans that will not be renewed after monthly cycle expires....




Lycamobile Adds More Data To Some Plans

T-Mobile MVNO Lycamobile has recently improved some of its prepaid monthly plans by increasing allotments of high speed data. Lycamobile adds more data to the $23, $29, $39 and $45 plans. The $23 International...


Straight Talk Huawei Sensa Available for $179.99

TracFone’s subsidiary Straight Talk has launched yet another Android phone on its prepaid lineup, the Huawei Sensa. The Sensa (H715BL) is a mid-range Marshmallow phone with fingerprint reader and faster performance due to its...