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iPhone 4 on Page Plus with a catch

Update: There is no iPhone 4 on Page Plus nor it will be for the time being according to the Page Plus’s latest statement given to Kitty Wireless, their premier online dealer: “The iPhone...



T-Mobile new Monthly 4G prepaid plans all available now

As previously announced, from October 16th, a new $30 Monthly4G prepaid plan as well as all other rumored plans, a new $60 4G and Pay-per-day Monthly4G plans, are now live and available. All these...



Tokidoki Huawei M835 to be added to MetroPCS

MetroPCS will soon be refreshing its lineup with a tokidoki Huawei M835, the original handset customized with tokidoki art. This artist-branded handset will be available in both men’s and women’s tone and even though...


Samsung Transform Ultra available now for Boost Mobile

Right on time, Samsung Transform Ultra has become available for purchase at Boost Mobile. Everything is as announced; it is available for $229.99 with no contract and it goes with either carrier’s $55 Android...