Best Prepaid Family Plans In The US – Updated

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  1. Titan says:

    Just curious, so Sprint owned Boost Mobile in being the (parent and child) so to speak then, and their relationship as to the same home/business unit. Does this mean a user wouldn’t be exposed to any lower priority speeds using Boost on the parent network, like that of only a Non-Owned Sprint MVNO’s themselves always are?

    Or is prepaid always prioritized below postpaid subscribers on the parent network, even though being company owned and either of direct customer or a MVNO customer?

    In your “Original:” note, you say Boost Mobile as not being the best option for reasons of adding taxes and fees to their plans compared to MetroPCS and Cricket.
    But if Sprint doesn’t cap speeds on it’s own owned MVNO’s -then- I’d see this as an outstanding benefit over any other MVNO on another network or of one using Sprints network. Is my logic right here if the facts hold true, and what’s a few bucks if your speed is the same as being a direct postpaid Sprint customer. . .

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