Ready SIM Relaunched Its Service as ZIP SIM

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  1. Peter says:

    This was a great item when originally purchased and activated. However, when I went to reuse the sim card a short period of time after my original plan, they have changed their name to Zip Sim and no longer allow top up’s to existing cards after 72 hours of plan ending. Don’t waste your money on Ready Sim or Zip Sim. I would recommend Roam Mobility instead as you can top up existing cards for up to one year after the original plan ends.

  2. V, Montgomery says:

    This is the worse SIM card ever. It would never activate even after 2 days of trying, The chat service to try and rectify this situation was useless and they refused to refund my money even because they say it is activated.
    Save your money. Go with something else.

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