Samsung T528G review – Straight Talk touchscreen 3g phone

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  1. ceceperry10 says:

    Seems like a good phone I’m about to get it I can’t afford Sprint nomore I’m goin to miss my HTC EVO 4G but phones suppose to be about talking right not this other stuff

  2. Morgan says:

    I love Straighttalk!! This phone is amazing and I can not wait to get it!!!!

  3. zahjae says:

    imma bout to get the phone too cause i got a boost moble and i dont have sevice soo imma get the samsung T528G i herd it got good service,<3

  4. Alexis says:

    imm getting this phone today ! i cant wait ! this seems like the best phone ever. All i need is a cover to go with it to hide the tracfone symbol. : )

  5. kevin says:

    well i have the samsung straight talk T528g and it doesnt have the youtube app in the phone and i’ve went on the youtube website just fine without no problem with using the wifi and without using the wifi and that worked of course but i couldn’t watch youtube videos because it kept saying connection to server is lost! now you tell me! what am i doing wrong what i need to do right with the phone in order to watch youtube thanks!

    • admin says:

      Many users have been reporting that they have been able to watch videos on YouTube through the WiFi connection even though Straight Talk service is clearly saying that they do not allow streaming on this network, due to the preventing the network from being slow. We will try our best to find out what is the catch and let you know. In case that someone else reads this and know the answer, please share it with others.

  6. ty says:

    Will this phone work with Verizon towers? AT&T coverage in my area is not the greatest.

  7. Ethanael says:

    Superior thinking demonstrated above. Thanks!

  8. Rock says:

    Articles like this make life so much simpler.

  9. Aileen says:

    I really needed to find this info, thank God!

  10. Kalea says:

    Your artilce perfectly shows what I needed to know, thanks!

  11. victoria says:

    it sucks. the manual doesnt tell u how to operate squat on this phone.
    My standby time is a workday NOT 10 days!
    I cant even press a button to set phone to vibrate mode, i have to go to settings etc!
    camera has 2x zoom- HOW does it operate????manual doesnt say!! and Im not stupid but I havnt been able to figure it out.
    App’s- what a joke!

  12. victoria says:

    can anyone tell me how to get the pics I take with this phone onto the sd card????????

  13. tricia says:

    I have gotten this phone and i had to take it back because it would shut off and the sms’s locked up on me they said i can send it to walmart and get another replacement instead of waiting on them. see i got it off the site and it took for ever and i will never do it again so they said go to walmart and i did and this is my 2end one and it shuts off on me as will. I love the phone when it works but will not spend my money on this kind of phone again.

  14. Sarah says:

    How do you set a signature on this phone?

  15. Chris says:

    Please E-mail me and keep me updated on this pleae

  16. Journalist says:

    I just want to be clear. That This phone has a few flaws in the designing’s , it’s like they rushed it and shoved it out the door without checking that it works 100%. when you tilt the phone sideways the qwerty keyboard shows but when you try to hit any of the keys on the bottom like the space button, ok button, t9 you cant hit it. insstead it registers as you typing the letters v or b so on and so forth. on the other hand APP CAPABLE is a misleading advertisement and really hated by the costumers that spent the money on this phone. I for sure know that many people i talked to will be filing complaints

  17. christy says:

    I am trying to figure out how to transfer data from this phone. I purchased a USB cable but don’t have any options when I connect it.

  18. Troy says:

    use the down volume key to get it to vibrate.
    I also can’t find the zoom

  19. jawonna says:

    how do i set a signature for text messaging?

  20. Robbie says:

    I just created a template and insert it…
    Signatures can be created in “Multi Media Templates” for emails.

  21. none says:

    the zoom is the volume buttons…. but it doesnt zoom in max resolution. 1600×1200 = NO ZOOM

  22. Charlie says:

    Positive: The battery life is amazing. Call quality is good. Usually have good service.

    Negative: VERY hard to text on. Keyboard in unresponsive at times. Usually the OK button when your texting. If you keep taping it in order to make it work, it will go through and send your text message even if you’re not finished typing it. Over all, it’s a pain to text on this phone. I don’t recommend this phone if you like to text a lot.

  23. Ivy says:

    Yeah but you have to do it with each message.

  24. Ivy says:

    Mine too. So I’ll be able to trade it in?

  25. rey says:

    i just bought this phone and i think its pretty great for 100 bucks highley recommended

  26. jdog says:

    use opera mini 6.1

  27. Tokina says:

    Hey, I Just bought this phone and i cannot figure out how to text and talk at the same . Is it possible ?

  28. janet says:

    i live where there is no wifi so i can not watch ANY VIDEOS BUT I CAN X VIDEOS WHAT IS UP WITH THAT .THIS SUCKS .

  29. Tasha says:

    THIS PHONE SUCKS. i have had it for less than two weeks and its already bogged down so slow, it won’t allow me to read my texts and says “message initializing” like it’s so frustrating DO NOT GET THIS PHONE IT’S JUNK.

  30. Shirl says:

    Thanks for writing such an easy-to-understand article on this topic.

  31. Micheal says:

    What an awesome way to explain this-now I know everything!

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  34. Caitlyn says:

    okay…im getting this phone next week. And im going to New York City soon. While on my way to NYC Im going to want to watch youtube videos and update my twitter and facebook statuses on the way. And theres obviously going to be no Wi-Fi on the way there. So is this phone like the other straight talk phones, like how you can go on the internet where ever? Please Reply. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi, You can access mobile web where ever you have coverage. Because Straight Talk uses AT&T’s network, you will definitely have a good coverage. However, you won’t be able to watch YouTube videos through the WiFi connection or without it since Straight Talk service made it clear that they do not allow streaming on this network, due to the preventing the network from being slow. Sorry. Thanks.

  35. heather says:

    i love this phone Its great straighttalk is awesome i dont have any problems i get signal everywhere so does my husband and he is a truck driver.

  36. Brittney says:

    i should be getting the straight talk t528g before the new years…. I CANT WAIT TO GET THIS PHONE…i am like soooooooo freacking ready to get this phones, i feel like im going to die if i dont gt this phone omg….I LOVE THIS PHONE ALREADY….and this will be my first touch screen to…omg im like sooooo ready to get this phone i am like the biggest fan of straight talk t528g phone…..

  37. Butch says:

    It does not work with Vorizen it is AT&T

  38. Blacksmith says:

    I’m less than impressed with this phone so far. If I can’t transfer my contacts and calendar, this phone is not worth much to me. It has a PC Studio mode, but the software can’t find the phone. What up?

  39. Blacksmith says:

    The phone loses the date and time occasionally, and I spent much of today waiting for the voice mail prompt to recognize that I had already received a message and stop telling me that that same message was still waiting for me. It’s the little things that sour the overall impression. Are these network problems or is my phone just quirky?

  40. Robyn says:

    menu / settings / connectivity / select usb mode

  41. Blacksmith says:

    I’ve got the mode right. The PC Studio software can’t “see” the phone. The Mass Storage setting works (the computer can see the memory card). I haven’t tested the Media Player setting.

  42. allison says:

    Phone has good graphics. It is okay for very basic internet usage, i.e. Facebook, google…I have yet to find any apps of any use…phone turns off by itself sometimes…I am taking this phone back…very disappointed because it did not live up to the hype.

  43. James says:

    Well got this phone for the web and half the time it tells me that it cannot dispplay the page too large so then you cant read anything on the page way too small. As far as texting dont think you can text fast cause the keyboard half the time you hit the space key and types a letter if you try to back up to delete a mistake be careful buttons are so close that you will end up sending the message by mistake. Wish now would have just gotten Nokia E71 with the keyboard.

  44. Sonia says:

    I can’t seem to find out if I can add apps on my Samsung T528G. I did get a few downloaded but I want ones I will actually use. Can someone tell me if it is possible or not!!!! THANKS!

  45. meggo says:

    does anyone know how to zoom in on the web pages? the words are too tiny to read and i cant figure out how to zoom in or out

  46. crystal says:

    to zoom in all you have to do is hold your finger on the screen for a sec and it will zoom in. you will see arrows when you zoom just scroll up to zoom in and scroll down to zoom out. i had a tough time figuring it out as well. im just trying to figure out how to set a text signature.

  47. trice says:

    How do you download apps to your phone, or can you????

  48. yahshuahdotcom says:

    If you’re connected to Wi-Fi you can watch videos because then you’re not on the network, which is why they won’t let you watch videos through the network but only on Wi-Fi. This kinda sucks because many of Virgin Mobile phones will let you watch YouTube on their network. I have this Samsung t528 and it’s not as good as a phone as presented. Typing a message on the touchscreen takes a long time. When you have to enter numbers while on a call is a REAL hassle. It’s difficult to clear your desktop and also you’re on your own in finding out where to download apps. Virgin Mobile and Metro PCS have better phones.

  49. Brittaney says:

    I can’t get to my messaging or contacts and can’t figure out why. I’ve tried resetting the phone, taking the battery and SIM card out and NOTHING is working. Every time I try to access them it tells me it’s “initializing.”
    Does anyone know what I can do to get it to work??

  50. ali says:

    I got this phone yesterday i dont know how to view my mssgs and talk at the same time. I can send a message while on the phone, but when i get one it just beebs but nothing comes up so i can view it. Can you view it while on the phone??? If not need to know asap so i can take it back.????

  51. aggravated says:

    I’ve had this phone since July and it worked amazingly… until about three weeks ago when it began resetting itself randomly, and now I can’t get my messages to open. It says, “Messaging initializing” and my phone is slow as hell now. I’m extremely frustrated because I paid a lot of money for a good phone to last me until Christmas and I’m already looking at buying a brand new phone YET again. Anyone know what is causing these problems?

  52. Shannon says:

    I’ve had this phone for about a month now and I’ve had problems with it since I’ve gotten it. When I transferred my number from my old straight talk phone to this one, it took it most of the day to transfer and I didn’t even know I was supposed to turn it off for it to fully transfer so when I did figure it out it finally transferred and then after that I’ve been having problems with it saying no service when I know good and well that the service is good except in certain areas and having to turn the thing off and back on for it to reset itself. Then a lot of times I’ve had problems with the messages whenever I try to go to my inbox it says “initializing” and does that several times before it starts working again. Then it randomly changes times and dates and only goes back to normal after turning it off and on again. I sometimes have problems getting calls from other cell phones. I don’t seem to have problems with land line phones but still, it’s annoying. 🙁 Any ideas?

  53. rachel green says:

    I need help i put a memory card in there and cant find the pics that were on the memory card. all i find is the pics that were already on the phone?

  54. frank says:

    the zoom only works when in camcorder mode.

  55. Jaksen says:


    I am having the same problem I have had this phone for little over a month and now having problems. I can not text keeps saying “initializing message”. Also whenever I did test the virtual keyboard with switch from one version to the other and the “back” button is located at a bad spot. If you make a mistake and try to erase it switches and sends your text without you completing it. VERY VERY FRUSTRATING! I spent 100.00 on this phone and its junk. We can send someone to outer-space but our cell phone technology we can not seem to get right.

  56. Jaksen says:

    Another problem I am having is that it changes the time and date. When I switch from my old straight talk phone to this one I was told everything would transfer, numbers pics, even for me to keep my old number. Well, needless to say I ended up having to transfer numbers manually and I got a new number. Had to go back and tell all my family, friends and employer that my number has changed. Not to mention when I trying to initially set this phone up the girl I spoke with only spoke broken English with her Asian accent and very very difficult to understand that. I would not recommend this phone to anyone and in fact I am going to try to get a refund for mine. However, if any one forgoes all these warning and pitfalls everyone it talking about and get this phone anyway, well GOOD LUCK!

  57. Talley says:

    When you are getting the message, “initializing message”. It’s your sims card. I am having the same problem with mine. I called straighttalk, and they told me that they are having problems with the sims card on these phones. I am waiting for my new sims card to arrive. Texting is hard, but takes getting use too, in my opinion. And mine started the shutting off on it’s own, about two weeks after I bought it. I have only had this phone for about three weeks, not happy about the fact that it’s having these problems so quickly after I bought it. But it’s better then the last phone I had.

  58. Haley says:

    I cant figure out how to get my signature on my messages 🙁 Can someone help me?

  59. Sarah says:

    I have had this phone for FOUR DAYS. Not only does it randomly shut itself off, but i keep getting a “messaging initializing” pop up when ever i try to text. When ever the scree locks after a short period of time as it doe, it takes me forever to unlock it. It randomly makes calls. I wish i could say i like this phone, but there are so many problems with it!

  60. asd says:

    The zoom is the the volume buttons on the side.

  61. manda says:

    your camera zoom feature is your volume down key…and the zoom isn’t the best i must ad..

  62. charlie says:

    Same issue here with the initializing message and no access to text. Avoid this phone folks. It has a lot of bugs.

  63. bobby says:

    HAHA. agreed. my phone is doing the same thing. & they won’t let me return it. wth. just sayinggg. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE. IVE BEEN THROUGH THIS 3 TIMES.

  64. Kellyn says:

    I kept getting the initializing message every time I tried to view my messages or contact list. when I called ST they told me it was due to a faulty SIM card. They sent me a new one and so far I haven’t any more problems. May want to give them a call.

  65. Tee says:

    When I first saw that little phone I just had to buy it, the Samsung T528G. It seemed like it was exactly what I was looking for. A really cute windows type phone with nice graphics, touch screen, fast, good coverage cause it’s straight talk and straight talk uses AT&T and T Mobile towers, supposedly a fully supported browser, and the most attractive thing about it is you can choose to use either the unlimited plan or the $30 plan and with Straight Talk you can switch back and forth as you please. That’s awesome cause with the other smart phones from Straight Talk you can only do the $45 unlimited plan. That kinda sucks. Well, that’s the upside, now for the downside. First of all, even though it has a fully supported browser you still can’t view YouTube unless you’re at a place where there’s WIFI and I’m usually not and I like to watch YouTubes quite often. It’s simply not a true smartphone. Another problem that I had and this was the main reason why I returned it. It was very difficult to text on. That screen is just too small to text comfortably on, I was constantly pressing the wrong letters. If this phone also had a physical keyboard on it either a slider or the blackberry type keyboards I probably would have kept it and just lived with the fact that I just couldn’t watch YouTubes all of time. It would worth the sacrifice for only $30 bucks a month, but I text too much. Now I have the BlackBerry Curve with Virgin Mobile and I love the phone but the only drawback is that Virgin charges $55 a month for their unlimited which is $10 more than Straight Talks. There is a plan for $45 with Virgin but it only gives you 1200 anytime minutes I think the Beyond Talk plans from Virgin are more geared to the smart phones and the full internet whereas Straight Talk is more geared toward talk and text. Now I pay $10 more a month for Virgin Mobile but at least now I can enjoy my browser, watch YouTubes anytime, and the BlackBerry is awesome for texting.

  66. Allie says:

    this phone is NOT amazing!! hate to tell u but it sucks!

  67. Conrad says:

    Exact same problems with mine. It is nothing more than a pain to use. Constantly shuts off on its own. Messages are barely sent. Right now mine cant read the texts being sent to me.

  68. Brandon says:

    This phone is an incredible p.o.s. I got this because every other cheap as f##k straight talk phone I’ve ever had worked great, so I figured these guys had their crap together and I could go ahead and spend some real money. Boy, was I wrong. If you have just recently bought this phone do yourself a favor and take the piece of crap back immediately. I’ve only had it for a month where as the cheapest one I got lasted me like 2 years with absolutely no probolems at all.

  69. jordan says:

    how do i get apps on my phone?

  70. oakley is pissed off majorly says:

    I know. okay so get this, i spend $100 bucks on piece of crap. It does the same thing and wont let me even get back into my contacts or messaging, and it randomly shuts off when Im having important conversations then i cant get back into my messages afterwards. TOTALLY P.O’D.

  71. jason says:

    same thing except had my phone for 5 days. now i have to wait 3-5 days for tech support to send a mailing box then i have to send it to them and wait 5-7 days so that means 2 weeks just to get a new one

  72. OWEN says:

    You can also use the volume rocker + or – to mag. or reduce.

  73. mikey says:

    im getting this phone on christmas i was just wondering is it worth the money cuz i had an android phone which really sucked cuz it lagged sooo much. i just wanna know dose this phone lag like that or not??

  74. chrisa says:

    i got this phone & it shuts off on me all the time & now it will not let me view my text messages or contacts. it keeps sayin initializing. why is that? ive done took the battery out & the sim card & still wont let me view them.

  75. Jenny says:

    I agree, horrible phone!

  76. Frank says:

    Turn the phone off.
    Open the back of the phone.
    Remove the battery.
    Slide the SIM card back about 2 mm.
    Push the SIM card back in snugly.
    Replace the battery and back cover.
    Turn phone on.

  77. bnikki says:

    i really want the android but i want this one because of how cute it is but it seems it has alot of problems

  78. ckc says:

    had the phone a couple months now it has shut its self off since the first day. on the web almost every time i click something it says it can’t do it and i have to repeat the same thing about 10 times before it goes. I haven’t been able to use txt messaging for a week it always says initializing. I’ve taken the battery and sims out and put them back in and nothing changed. it drops calls in full service with no warning. also for a week has been rejecting every call that gets through most calls won’t come though at all. yesterday i was told by 7 people all on different phones cell and land lines that they have been trying to call all day but my phone showed no sign of received missed or even rejected. its absolutely ridiculous i don’t want to send it in and wait 2 weeks for the same junk phone,can they send a different one for the same price? has anyone had any luck with a new sims card? if your thinking about buying one DON’T they were manufactured fast and sent to the shelf without being properly examined their all junk people who say different will change their opinion in due time. mine had the minor problems from day 1 but manageable for a couple months but now i don’t have txt can’t see the ones i get can’t send any or even look at the in/out box & receive 1 of every 10 calls dialed. —————- If people would be so kind to tell me how they resolved the problem i would be much obliged!

  79. Tammy says:

    can someone tell me what network this phone uses? verizon att, or sprint? Also, the android phones they show, do any of those use the Verizon towers? please email me directly at subject straight talk phones 🙂

  80. Alayna says:

    I got this phone yesterday. Works decent. Wanted the droid but the straight talk droids work of sprint which sucks so bad here. For a touch screen, it’s simple and easy. I like it so far.

  81. illmac says:

    i have the same phone an i cant get my browser to work an was trying to see if u ever had this problem

  82. Lina says:


  83. Cheech says:

    I have had this phone for about a week now, and I declare I am in love. No my phone doesnt shut off automatically, No “Message Initializing” things. No Problems so far. I have found a website ( where I get free ringtones, pictures, etc. I have gotten Apps off there and when I open to use them it says “Data charges may apply”. What does that Mean? Will it cost me money? Hopefully not, since I am a teenager and not looking forward to paying for more than I already do. I have the 45$ plan and I have been using Straighttalk for over 2 years. I havent had a problem so far with them, but I just dont want to pay for those “Data Charge” things.. Also, your article is very well written and understanding. Please comment, not hatred I ask.

  84. Ashley says:

    I have this phone. its great and all the only thing i dislike is my contacts keep randomly deleting, like one at a time. Is there a way to fix this.?

  85. heather says:

    you can watch videos on wifi. i do it

  86. heather says:

    and no it does not charge u when it says charges may apply…

  87. deven says:

    this fone was good at first but soon became very hard to work with the touch screen was very unresponsive the graphics aren’t good either i say don’t get this fone save your money and get a better one..

  88. Chris says:

    This phone sucks, it randomly restarts and now the messaging will not “initialize” and there is no way to fix it. i do not recommend this phone to anyone!!!! It is a waste of money! This phone should have never been released!

  89. shae says:

    yall all juss commentingg all this stuf and this phone aint goingg anywhere but in yo hands and the store

  90. shae says:


  91. Evanna says:

    So, did you say that the 45$ plan is used with this phone? My friend lost his straight talk phone and is interested in getting this but doesn’t want to spend much more than what he already spent on his old one. How much are the plan options for this and what do they include? Unlimited talk, text, web etc?

  92. Erin says:

    I got the phone from a friend yesterday and went to wal-mart to get the $45 card for it. We currently have Verizon and our contract has been up for awhile so we wanted something cheaper. I got everything set up on this new phone…I can call and text just fine. But when I try to connect to the internet it wont let me. It says I have to check the network settings and try something different. i dont want to use wi-fi (which we also have) until i figure out how to make the internet i’m PAYING for on the phone to work. Any suggestions? i know it said it could take a little while for it all to work but its been 15 hours or so and still no internet. =(

  93. Bob-O says:

    I bought this phone used and fired it up yesterday. I see a lot of people here hatin on it. You got to remember, this phone is only $100. If your expecting Droid/iPhone capabilities then buy one of those.
    Yes this phone is crappy at texting, I assume it is because it has a resistive screen instead of capacitive, so it is very inacurate. Apps are limited (thank you Cheech for tip on The browser lags, there is a constant nag of how many text/minutes/bandwidth I used and have left and my wifi is on WEP2+PSK and it wont do that so I have to change my security. But I’m still OK with it cause I’m only paying $30 a month!

  94. crystal says:

    I don’t recommend this phone for anyone. When I first got it, I wasn’t able to receive pics or connect to the internet. I got that fixed but got the same problem a few weeks later. Now I can’t receive or send messages and can’t receive voicemails. I’ve only had this phone about two months, and I really hate it. Save your money for a different phone. This one isn’t worth the money. I promise.

  95. Rebecca says:

    This phone sucks! do not waste your money! it never has service! it freezes up when your using it. it shuts off in the middle of use. the camera sucks. you cant get on youtube or most websites. it takes forever to load mobile web and half the time the “website is not responding” by far the worst phone i have ever had.

  96. Sara says:

    How do you download other apps onto this phone? My husband just got it and I cant figure it out

  97. Carissa says:

    This is by far the most problems I have ever had out of a phone. I had been texting earlier in the day, than I went to make a phone call and it says Emergency Calls Only when I have 4 bars, when I go to text it says Service Unavailable and I have 4 bars, when I go to get on the internet it says Check Data Restriction 36. On my main screen where it says how many service days you have left I actually have 4 but it is saying 384 service days and that it is Dec. 31st at 9:19pm and where I live it is actually Jan. 16 at 2:40am. It shuts off right in the middle of a conversation, and it always says its “initialize”. I called Straight Talk 5 times since noon on the 15th and 1 woman told me to keep taking the battery out for 1 min and than replacing it and than try to make a phone call she told me to do this for 2-4 hrs after I was already on the phone with her for 45 mins. Still my phone DOES NOT WORK and I am out of a whole day of service because of it.I STRONGLY AGREE PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS PHONE IT IS A PIECE OF CRAP AND YOU WILL BE THROWING $100.00 AWAY!! I have been using Straight Talk since 2009 and this is the 1st time I have ever had a problem like this! If anybody has any ideas on how to fix it or even get it to where I could make phone calls PLEASE LET ME KNOW cause Straight Talk sure was NO HELP AT ALL!!! Thanks So Much!!

  98. Mike says:

    Go to pictures the click manage and copy it will as you phone or memory card if you have a separate sd card installed

  99. Mike says:

    Erin after you connect to wifi, (make sure you have the key punched in if there is a password to the network you choose) then click the network again and it says start internet click that and your good.

  100. Mike says:

    Anyone know an app to install on the external card or phone for live streaming not just youtube. I’m sure someone has figured it out by now.

  101. Mike says:

    To enlarge the text on the screen just hold down on the screen in an area where you wont click on anything and it will zoom in automatically or when you see the 2 arrows scroll your finger up the screen to zoom and down the screen to return to regular size. Only works on pictures already taken and on the net. On the net helps more because yeah its hard to hit search or email in those little letters. LOL

  102. penny says:

    my phone did the shutting itself off and not letting me get to my texts or my contacts…at st service suggestion i took out the battery n slide the sims card down.. nothing worked so they say its an internal programming issue and in 3 weeks ill get a new phone..yep 3WEEKS.. buyer beware

  103. Daniel says:

    This phone sucks. In fact, i am just getting a different phone. i think we should all file a law suit against straight talk unless we get some answers or money. already going to an attorney on Thursday.

  104. MATT says:

    this phone ant no good don had 3 they suck

  105. mouse says:

    DO NOT….I REPEAT DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!!!! it is very slow and messaging is terrible….very slow internet connect n i hate it!!!!1 N im soooooo serious!!!!!!

  106. Rebecca says:

    This phone is not worth the money its paid for.. These issues are ridiculous in only a month into having this phone >__<

  107. Danielle says:

    I like this phone my only problem with it is i cant find any apps besides google maps for it could someone please tell me where to get apps….

  108. Taylor says:

    I had this phone and it SUCKED i got it yesterday still sucks. I even made it pretty ): but listen you guise im not lying it did suck i had to get a new one by the way what service network does it have because its not working. thanks guise.(:

  109. jennifer says:

    i just got my phone and im already loving it!!!!

  110. Bella says:

    Okay, So ive had this phone for awhile now. And i turned it off and i clicked messages and it says “Initializing” It says that when ever i turn my phone off then back on, but it will not load! and i cant see my messages!!!! Help Please!

  111. Bella says:

    Same thing is happing to me with the text messages. I dont know what to do.

  112. Bella says:

    It Works Now! Just Leave It ON ! And Leave It Aloun, Every 30 Mins Check And See IF You Have Any Messages, DONT CLICK MESSAGE! Just See If Anything Pops Up! If Not, Lock It And LEave IT Aloun. What Its Doing Is Loading. The More You Turn It Off And On, The Longer It’ll Take.

  113. Audrey says:

    Anyone having issues with connecting to the web? I just bought this phone two days ago, I can connect to my wifi, but when I want to connect to the network, it tells me, “service unavailable”. I called ST and they told me they were having difficulties with the towers???? Not too sure if that is true, considering everything else works great. they said for my area, that they were having difficulties with the internet on at/t towers.Anyone experiencing the same problems?

  114. Daniel Elifritz says:

    I have this phone and it really sucks. Last night at work it just erased all of my contact, and everything on my memory card.

  115. Jessica says:

    The phone has great service. It has easy access to the internet and the internet is good for what you pay for. However, I have went through several different straighttalk phones (having the samsung t528g phone right now) and they ALL will work great for a few months then when you go to open your messages it just keeps saying initializing and you call straighttalk to see if they can troubleshoot it, but they can’t. They have to send you a new phone (which takes over 2 weeks to end up getting) and it’ll be the same way. It works great for a few months then your back to the same situation you where in. Personally, straighttalk has a good deal w/ $45 unlimited and that’s alot cheaper than most phone companies.. but if you are looking for something reliable, i’d just pay the extra money.. for a good phone and good customer service satisfaction!!! Straighttalk definitely isn’t worth the time you have to put into it.

  116. ely says:

    no apps. my messaging will not work and i can’t access my contacts. web is slowwwwww annd…i guess this is what you get for paying a low monthly bill, but i say don’t waste your money on this product. ignore the good comments here because something WILL go wrong eventually. don’t get it. i was pumped for a while, now i have to re invest in another company…just sayin’

  117. ely says:

    agrreed!!! no apps. my messaging will not work and i can’t access my contacts. web is slowwwwww annd…i guess this is what you get for paying a low monthly bill, but i say don’t waste your money on this product. ignore the good comments here because something WILL go wrong eventually. don’t get it. i was pumped for a while, now i have to re invest in another company…just sayin’

  118. ely says:


  119. Tom Quick says:

    I am not sure if its the phone or the service its self but its slow and spotty as a web use device. I’m going back to ATT

  120. Nancy says:

    I would really like to find out how to connect this phone to my laptop. Anyone know how? Thanks!

  121. John Burke says:

    I have a question, a friend of mine sent me a picture when texting and it tells me that the service is unavailable and that it failed… can someone please tell me how to fix this? Thanks

  122. trish says:

    i can’t send pictures?

  123. Shan says:

    Phone worked fine first month or so I had it, after that, it turned to crap. I have reset it already to try to fix the installing problem, worked the first time for about two weeks then started acting up again, now I can leave it on for hours an it is constantly instalizing. I have reset it as I am still having a problem, I do not recommend this phone to anyone!

  124. Toni says:

    I received this phone as a Christmas gift and was extremely happy with it until about 3 days ago. Now when I go to Contacts, Messaging (text, email, etc) it says “initializing” for a second and then goes back to the home screen. Also, if I go to the Prepaid section under My Phone Number, it does not show any number at all (even while my service was still active). Straight Talk told me to Reset my phone & when I do it prompts me for a password. When I enter it, it says incorrect PW. No password has been set up & Straight Talk’s default is the last 4 digits of phone number. I have contacted Straight Talk & they could not help me because they said the PW was not default & to contact Samsung. I contacted Samsung as well, as was told to contact my service provider. I’ve tried everything I can think of to Hard Rest this phone. Apparently this phone cannot be Hard Reset & Straight Talk says they cannot issue a new SIM card for it. So, here I am, stuck in a money racket loop and still have no phone. Two months ago I would have recommended this phone, but not now. Also, if anyone has any suggestions or advice for me, please reply back. At this point I’ll have to buy a new phone anyway, but I’ll try anything to get this one working again.

  125. John says:

    Deletes my contacts if I don’t “Lock” my phone before I stick it in my pocket. Doesn’t really connect to wifi anywhere. And the lower keys for the keyboard suck. But hey i’m just happy I have a phone. It’s been like 2 years.

  126. chase says:

    you have to go to the menu where it says ‘tap yo add text’ and have them call you. then unlock the phone and hit the botton between the send and end/power button.

  127. J. Sumner says:

    *****Straight Talk Customer Service is USELESS*****
    This phone is NOT worth it. I have had this phone for a few months now. IT SUCKS! “Samsung Reps PLEASE keep reading” This phone reboots 3 or 4 times a day! Without warning, it just restarts. Now before you make an idiot of yourself for brushing this off… This happens no matter what. Screen locked, texting, calling, surfing, in a case, pocket, purse, or untouched for hours on a flat surface. IT STILL REBOOTS! OVER $100 for this garbage? Whats worse? It seems to do it when the phone is needed the MOST! DO NOT MAKE IMPORTANT CALLS FROM THIS PHONE! OH and NOT to mention that once you switch to this phone you can kiss that awesome coverage you had GOODBYE! Thank you AT&T towers you suck too. Stick with the LG phones… superior product, craftsmanship, and quality. OR if unlike the majority you have the money splurge on the iphone and go verizon.

  128. Ashley says:

    I have this phone and I like it and it works great with me don’t really have a problem with it

  129. TeeJay says:

    i am having the same problem as every oneelse. it shuts off alot when im in the middle of sending a txt and will not let me send any photos.

  130. mr bigg c says:

    well i watch youtube all the time on mine it hasn’t gave me no problems and plus you get what you pay for ya dig

  131. Anna says:

    well i have had 2so far and takin it back today! It freakin sux. Im switching to a different service and everything! Does nebody have any suggestions on which other service i shud switch to?

  132. Denise Smith says:

    Same here. I’ll be taking my second one in 3 days back today which means I’ve also had to load my phone numbers in twice. I’m only getting 12 hrs stand by time on the batteries. That’s ridiculous!

  133. Shellly says:

    I have this phone. It is the worst! Constantly freezes up and\or shuts off. Rarely can I message anyone because I constantly get the “initializing” message when I click on the app. I don’t recommend this phone to anyone. It’s a piece of garbage.

  134. Jomairah says:

    EXCUSE ME! I really hate this phone, Everytime i accidently turn it off it goes crazy and says “Initializing” 🙁 so, i cant send text messages or veiw my contacts. I tried restoring it and resteing it and nothing worked! ive been waiting for hours to see if it’ll work but it wont! I DONT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO GET IT. IT SUCKS.

  135. Misty says:

    I purchased this phone for my daughter for xmas last yr abd every since then she has had a problem with it. Finally today since her phone is turning itself on and off they r sending her a new one. They were very rude with her didnt even try to teouble shoot it or anything. I hope this one works.

  136. Sam says:

    This phone is a pos. I would advise anyone looking to buy it to keep looking. I had it for about a month and had to replace the Sims card in it. Couldn’t text on it because all it would do is “initializing”. Contacted Straightalk and they were good about sending a replacement sims card. The customer service is a bit to be desire, you get someone that barely speaks English but if you can get past the language barrier then its fine.

  137. kelshia says:

    this phone jus made me sooo mad..the first month i had it i paid $45 for unlimited evrything an it was jus fine.this is my second month having it and i paid $45 again for unlimited evrything and the calls an txting work.the browser will not work i hate it and i have called the company but they said “remove the battery for 1min. and try again” i called 6 times and they all said the same thing and kept transfering me to different ppl!! i just wanted a simple phone and this is just like having no phone at all.. help?!

  138. Joanna says:

    This phone is not a good phone I have had 3 now most of the time when you go to the messages it says intililizing.

  139. Anthony says:


  140. whitley says:

    To stop it from message initilizing you have to restore the phone. it will turn to factory default but it works. you will also lose all contacts, messages,songs, ect. But it stops from slowing down. THIS PHONE SUCKS!!!!!! NO 1 BUY IT!!!

  141. Jessica says:

    This phone is ridiculous, it cuts off 3-4 times per day on its own no matter if you’re using it or not, the internet connection sucks and there IS NO surfing the web or streaming videos. People have been trying to send me texts for the last 3 days and I only receive SOME from SOME people. I HATE IT. I can’t wait to go back to boost and upgrade. Even though I may not be able to hold a phone conversation in the house with Boost (service at home sucks) and I can with Straight Talk, I will sacrifice that for all of the other features the Boost phones offer that Straight Talk can’t get right!!!

  142. Donna says:

    I got my phone in November 2011 as a gift from my boyfriend. It never worked right from the start. It would randomly call people. It would shut off for no reason. It would drop calls. The date would reset to factory date of December 31, 2010 multiple time a day. Had to turn it off and on again to reset. The clock wouldn’t work. I wouldn’t get texts from people I was sending to and I didn’t get their texts back. On Easter morning this year I tried to text and got the message “initializing message” so I called StraightTalk and they said the phone was defective and I needed a new phone. I lost all the contacts in my address book because I couldn’t access it and got a message about that too. Had to send my phone back and didn’t have one for 10 days. Got the new one yesterday and this morning the date kept resetting back to factory and the time was off. The internet connection is terrible. Also, I couldn’t get my SD card out that came as a bonus with the phone when I sent it back and I told them that and they told me to go to Walmart and buy a new one and wouldn’t replace it. They also told me they would add 10 days back to my phone and won’t do that either. I was happy with StraightTalk until I got this phone. I should just go back to my LG flip phone. At least it worked and was reliable even if it wasn’t a touch screen. I keep wondering when my phone is going to die again now. I don’t think you can buy this anymore in stores which is a good thing. Horrible phone!

  143. terry says:

    i to can’t watch videos on you tube or download music to music player

  144. Nicole says:

    Hello. I’m looking into trading up my straight talk phone, I really want a touch screen but I also want to watch youtube videos. I’ve looked it up and found everyone saying that straight talk doesn’t allow streaming. But, I talked to the online customer service and they said on certain phones, like the Nokia and the Androids, that they do allow it. I even, for second opinion, called a customer rep and asked, and they confirmed it. Should I trust that they’re telling the truth and get the android I want?

  145. Jamie says:

    I ordered this phone on the 23rd and I’m hoping that whenever it gets to me I won’t have the same problems you all are having bc I’m switching from Verizon, who’s services by the way are starting to suck,as far as quality, pricing, and signal. So I really Hope that Straight Talk and this Samsung phone comes thru for me.

  146. terry says:

    the volume button is the camera zoom the music player sucks bought micro sd card couldnt use it until i stuck it in a thirty dollar phone put back in my phone ldt me use what was on there but it wont let me transfer pics with this phone what kinda crap is that they make a thirty dollar phone with an fm radio on it this phone comes with a music player that dont work REALLY most of the time im getn unexpected failer or unsupported content it just shuts off i’ve had toy phones that work better waste of money and time and most of the apps dont do any thing but take you to a porn site download a free game get porn nice this phone is a joke the best thing about this phone camera shut off button and it makes a good paper weight i will be changeging my service i have been sitn here twenty minutes tryn to submit this post keep getn request time out and unexpected failure

  147. noone says:

    i got this phone for xmas! it WOULD NOT hold a charge overnight until recently. and i just figured out how to zoom 5 minutes ago.. thank you to whoever put that on here.

  148. Caitlyn says:

    This phone is horrible. Within a month of having it, it shuts off and reboots itself. All the outside buttons will not work anymore. I am very disappointed with this phone.

  149. Bob says:

    I was going to buy this phone but WOW, I have changed my mind….!!!! Looks like it really Sucks!

    Thanks for the Heads-up!

  150. Shana says:

    DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!!! It is by far the worst phone I have ever dealt with. It started giving me trouble the moment I got it. It says initializing when I try to view my contact, emails and texts messages & the keys hardly even work. I’ve replaced my phone 3x through customer service and I keep having the same issues with all the phones. The worst part is that the customer service can’t even figure out what the problem is. I’m getting ready to switch companies. Any suggestions???

  151. Trevor says:

    Why are you afraid someone might see it? People made fun of me for having straight talk and I got sick of it so I switched to Att and I hated it! So I’m going back to straight talk and people can suck it!!!!

  152. Carolyn says:

    we have the straight talk phone and we can verify that it is straight GARBAGE unless you like talking on the phone and having the other person sound like Dak Vador half the time and have your calls drop the rest of the time. T – total waste of time, energy, money. Yeah we hated Verizon too with the never-ending, ever-increasing bills and bogus charges, but if this is the other end, we may as well get some string and tie 2 cans together!

    We wonder if Verizon and his sorry sister Sprint isn’t behind all this crap-ol-a! This is ridiculous! We just want decent service at a decent price PLEASE!

  153. Samsucks says:

    Multiple Software issues. No resolution for most issues (except replace the phone) Neither Straight Talk or Samsung seems to care that they sold me a phone that doesn’t work. I should have bought a $20 flip

  154. Theresa Holman says:

    I called the company and got a non english speaking service rep (co-figure) I told her that my phone will not let me delete my network profiles for the wife, the women told me you phone no come with wifi. lol I told her yes it does package for phone say wifi and I have used the wifi before. again she tells me the same thing. I get mad and ask for her stupid visior and another no speaking english man comes on the phone I again explain what is going on and he tells me to click the profiles and push delete. ah hello you idgit if it were that easy why the hell would I be calling you. To make a long story short I still can not erase my network profiles and I will never call that place again. THIS PHONE SUCKS!!!! No good apps, phone shuts off all the time. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE save your money and get a real phone!!!!

  155. Brad Tramell says:

    Wow, not sure why you are all having trouble with this phone? Its the best phone I’ve ever owned! I’ve had it for about 5 months, and everything has been awesome with it, the only small complaint i might have is the texting, but after using it all this time, Ive gotten really fast with the texting :), I don’t know, but its been so awesome for me that i recommended it to my parents, and whats even better, walmart has dropped the price from 100$ to 29.99!!!! The media player alone is worth the 30 bucks, its the best deal Ive ever seen, My mom and dad both love this phone, its got a good quality camera and desent video, great music player, awesome 3 page homepage lol It has and does everything I need it to 🙂 plus you can use the 30$ or 45$ plan!!! You just cant beat this deal 🙂

  156. David says:

    there is a person online say that he have a samsung t528g phone and you have to download youtube application for it to work and he show it working.

  157. Jenny says:

    It really sucks to text on. Many times you have to touch a letter many times to get it to show. Another thing I hate is having to ‘touch&hold’ to answer my phone when a call comes in. I always have to try several times to get it to work, the same goes for the security ‘touchnhold to unlock’…

  158. Doney says:

    My cousin and I both bought this phone and it is absolutely terrible! Both of ours will turn off by themselves several times a day and when they would come back on it would sometimes take upto 10-15 minutes we could even get back into our messaging. Not to mention that when I text with it, it will constantly skip letters and place random words that aren’t even real words. My phone is only about a year old and it recently stopped working all together. I can’t text on it because it just keeps saying that my messaging is “initializing” and it won’t let me get onto the Internet. Also, I never could find any apps for the phone. And my camera stopped working. If I would have known that this $130.00 phone was going to have so many problems I would have just got a decent little flip phone.

  159. Vanessa says:

    This phone has been decent so far, but there are a few quirks in it….I do not like the face that you cannot watch youtube videos from the web that you are paying for, (you have to go through wifi), my phone likes to screw up the day and service days alot also, I dont like the fact that I cant have a signature…someone said on here that you have to insert it everytime BUT…i dont have time for that….I think these phones could of used a little work before they threw them on the market. I HAVE HAD MINE FOR OVER A YEAR AND ITS BEEN THROUGH HECK!!!! and it still works…..I also think that the whole texting thing on this phone is crappy, but it works. Also I think that not being able to text while on the phone is stupid but oh well….ugh!! I really need a new phone!! Any suggestions?? I am thinking about the iphone for straight talk????

  160. Mickey says:

    This phone is NOT a good deal. My sister, my daughter, and I have all had this same phone, and we ALL had the same problems with it. It randomly shuts itself off multiple times a day. Right now, I’m locked out of my contacts list and messaging because it has said ‘initializing’ for the last 45 minutes. When that happened to my sister and daughter, it signaled that the phone was toast. StraightTalk customer service is probably the worst I’ve ever dealt with; their representatives have very heavily accented English, and they sound as though they are reading only from a script. If you try to ask a question, they just keep giving the same exact answer, even if it doesn’t address the question you ask. They usually transfer you to at least 3 or 4 different people, and they all tell you to do the same thing as the first person you talked to. If you need a replacement SIM, it usually takes 2 weeks to receive it, and during that time you have no phone at all! Honestly, the phone I had before this was literally a $10 job from the dollar store, and it worked better than this phone. The only reason I quit using it is because when it needed repairs the company told me it was so old they didn’t even service that model anymore. That should give you an idea of how poor this Samsung phone is.

  161. Roger a says:

    Save your money, I hate this phone and can’t wait to replace it so I can beat it to pieces with a hammer, it always shuts off so I miss calls, erases contacts lock me out saying initializing, the blue tooth keeps turning it self off , I have to keep the charger plugged in or it keeps beeping charging even though it’s full charged.

  162. Hunainath says:

    Awesome smart phone, has wifi and Facebook feature. Well its not grate as other smart phones though by the price wise its cheap and even if I loose the phone i don’t have to worry .It can be used with $30 or $45 plans. I saw several peoples reviews and finally bought from amazon.

  163. samuel says:

    can in use the 30 dollar card with the refurbished edition of i=this phone from walmart?

  164. samuel says:

    idk i think you can get them off the samsung store or so i heard

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