Simple Mobile Holiday Promotion – Buy Phone Get FREE $60 Monthly Plan With 10GB 4G LTE Data

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  1. PiF says:

    I needed mobile internet service for a week-long trip so I signed up for the 7-day unlimited voice/text and 2GB of 4G data plan for 20 bucks. The service was absolutely HORRIBLE!!! The service worked fine the first few hours until I left my area. Absolutely NO 4G service! Not even 3G!!! Only butt-slow Edge service and even that didn’t work at times. The phone signal was usually weak, that’s when I was able to connect to a cell tower which was sporadic. When I returned back from the trip, the service improved. Apparently Simple Mobile nationwide coverage is MISERABLE despite what the Simple Mobile maps display. Overall, LOUSY SERVICE!!!! Don’t waste your money! Don’t use Simple Mobile!!!

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