Straight Talk adds LG Optimus Showtime for $249.99

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  1. Mike says:

    ST also has a GSM version of this phone called the Ultimate.

  2. Kathy Merriman says:

    I just recently purchased the LS Optimus Showtime. I charged it fully when I received it from StraightTalk, then again the next day and again the next day. Today is half over and I am having to recharge it later. That I do not understand.

  3. Sassylady2001 says:

    I had a LG Optimus Showtime, Net 10, phone. The book that comes with the phone says to extend your battery life:
    1. Check Running Services and close any unnecessary applications.
    2. End of shutdown applications that are still runninig in the background through the App settings menu.
    3. Turn off Bluetooth and GPS when not in use.
    4. Turn off automatic application sync.
    5. Set Screen Timeout to the lowest setting (factory default is 30 seconds).
    6. Reduce your data usage.
    7. Reduce use of the Live wallpapers.
    8. Use the provided factory charger to avoid battery damage.
    I will add – use wireless whenever possible and turn off wireless when it is no longer available.
    I did all of the above and more. Never did use FaceBook or videos or movies, nor music. My data usage was never above 50mb. But no matter what I did, or didn’t do, this phone drained battery life and needed charging daily.
    It is very fast and has OS Android 4.0. I thought I would like an Android/Smartphone, but after trying it for 8 months, I do not like it at all. I don’t like to have to swipe to answer the phone and I find a flat glass front very inconvenient for texting. I much prefer my LG 900G which only makes and receives calls and texts. It has Android 2.3 and if far too slow to get on the internet – it times out before you can get to your email or any other internet destination…and that’s fine with me. However one of the biggest drawbacks to the LG Showtime was the constant draining of the battery. I turned off everything – including GPS and synching of emails, turned off FaceBook and had no applications on it I used – turned off everything else – but you can’t turn off the Google applications that are on the phone when you get it. I turned down or off everything, face light, etc. to save power. I installed a battery saver – nothing really helped as at the end of the day I’d be down to 6% battery even not using the phone. The phone does lots of amazing things – but I don’t care for the “swiping” and lack of palpable keyboard.I went back to my LG 900G.

  4. Susan Plews says:

    I have an LG Optimus Showtime phone through Straight Talk. It worked fine (after the initial problems were worked out).

    I purchase the 90 day service and this last time the service was added to my phone I started having problems with my service.

    I AM able to receive emails BUT I cannot reply or compose and send an email. It comes back, “Connection Failed” or “No Connection to server” or “User Name and Password incorrect”

    I NEVER had this problem until after the new purchase of 90 days of service was applied to my phone.

    I have called SEVERAL times but still my phone is NOT working properly. I have to use my laptop to respond to or sent a new email. THIS IS CRAZY !!!

    I am due to renew my service the end of March and I will probably NOT RENEW. I LOVE the Straight Talk price and service WAS GREAT.

    I had recommended Straight Talk to MANY friends but now will have to quit Straight Talk and let my friends know of the POOR service.

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