Straight Talk Alcatel OneTouch Pixi Charm LTE Available Now For $49.99

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  1. Mary Jane Usher says:

    At first i bought two one for me an my son..then i bought 2 more for two other ppls birthdays . well the first two came with the right batteries.the second two didn’t..i have contacted straight talk 5 times an 4 different times the told me a lie saying the batteries will be here in 5 days an all four times was bullst. they never came and considering i buy a new phone every month to give away as gifts (which also means i bring the like 12 new customers a year)i spend like $1,200. a year at there comp. you woud think they wouldn’t be so rude and pull this on me> this will be me and my sons last month at straight talk… i am very tired of getting the run around and now even tho. i add a new card my phone says outta service and the wifi call and text is not working…

  2. Meta says:

    Bought one and have tried several times to port my number over. They have sent me two sim cards and it still did not work. Now I have to pay to send it back and wait two weeks to be reimbursed.

  3. Emanym says:

    Phone is terrible lacks app space for most commonly used app except music and photos. SD cards notification rings endlessly every 2 minutes telling you it is has been removed. You have to basically shut down every function on the phone for it to last more than half a day.

  1. January 4, 2016

    […] ALCATEL OneTouch Pixi Charm LTE, 4G LTE Android 4.4 KitKat smartphone with 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and 4.5-inch touchscreen display is available at Straight Talk web site for $49.99 with free  $45 Unlimited plan. […]

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