Straight Talk announces LG Optimus 2X as its first 4G LTE Android

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  1. Craig says:

    Its extremely hard to believe that AT&T will give anybody an unlimited 4G LTE plan, let alone for $45 a month.

  2. Mary says:

    so when does it come out? and how much?.. i just cant wait!!… so pumped!

  3. Lekeshia says:

    hi i want to know how much for the phone and is it a noncontract phone. I would love to try it

  4. Gene says:

    when does the phone come out and how much is the phone. i cant wait to get it, i have mine on reserve right now but i did that a couple weeks ago maybe a month an im still waitting for it so when can i get it. cant wait for this phone!!!!

  5. Mattttttttttttttttt says:

    It is hearsay, but i heard it will not come out because Tracfone and ATT could not strike a deal. Also, Sprint did not like this PH Android on GSM, so as Google. Not unless it is made to run on CDMA-s Sprint, or Verizon.

    We will see if it comes back, but on CDMA, then the rummer will be true 😉

  6. JessiMay says:

    Hey it is hard to believe but it is all in marketing At&T will make their money because 75% of the people cant afford to pay the down payment for AT&T ( that is the people who have to use prepaid phones)but think of this just guessing a lot of people want a 4G phone but cant do the contract so they settle for 3G but with this they could so AT&T would in the long run almost double the money they would make with just contracts. They are gonna get a cut out of the price of the phone as well as part of the monthly moneys. So adding everything together it is not that far fetched.

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