Straight Talk APN Settings – Fix Data and MMS Issues

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  1. Tamrah says:

    I have a straight talk plan and phone I can’t send or receive text messages but I have mins and data??? I have a ZTE max duo and I need help fixing the problem

  2. Zechariah says:

    What is the network code for a ALCATEL One touch stright talk

  3. Betty says:

    I have zte Lever straight talk. The night before I renewed my minutes data was real fast listened to videos even. As soon as renewed minutes data was slow. This is two months in a row that this happen. Guess need new carrier

  4. Betty says:

    They try to tell me its my phone. When its that fast the night before it gets turned off and slow when turned back on , it is not my phone. I think they are making money. I wouldn’t go with the $55 plan as we didn’t even use half that because data was to sliw

  5. Just got phone and can’t get internet or fown load

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