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Straight Talk CDMA BYOP site goes live

Posted by 11 April, 2013

Straight Talk CDMA BYOP site goes liveStraight Talk CDMA BYOP site has been launched finally after being initially announced for March 26 and delayed afterwards. At first, the site was dysfunctional but it’s been sorted out and works properly now.

Its sister companies NET10 and Telcel America have already launched their CDMA BYOP sites a week ago. Users who tried to activate Verizon compatible phones with these two MVNOs and their prepaid monthly plans are reporting successful and unsuccessful attempts to do so.

In order for a Verizon phone to be successfully activated on Straight Talk CDMA BYOP program with $45 and $60 per month plans, users “must have a Verizon compatible phone that has never been activated outside of their network.” Non-LTE Verizon phones are also off limit as well as “Blackberries or branded Straight Talk, TracFone, Safe Link, Net10 Wireless, and Telcel America phones.”

Straight Talk’s $45 unlimited plan includes unlimited talk, text and data while $60 unlimited plan includes unlimited talk, text and data and unlimited calling to over 1,000 destinations. Also, Straight Talk forbids tethering or streaming content. They throttle data based on each case individually, not on a specific data cap. If they find users to be excessive in usage, the carrier contacts and warns them of eventual slowing their data speeds.

The data allotment that customers are reporting is safe is somewhere between 100MB per day or 2GB per month. Also, Straight Talk has confirmed that they are not cutting data off at 1.5GB as rumors were saying and that 1.5GB cap applies only to NET10’s BYOD program for AT&T SIM cards.

Now that all three TracFone’s subsidiaries support Bring Your Own Verizon Phone program, users can go with plan and MVNO that suits them the best. Straight Talk and Telcel America offer almost identical monthly plans with the only difference of international texting being included on all phones on Telcel America’s $45 plan while Straight Talk’s $45 unlimited plan has international texting only on Android phones.

NET10 offers unlimited plan with unlimited talk, text and data for $50 per month and $65 monthly plan with unlimited talk, text and data and international calling.

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4 Responses to “Straight Talk CDMA BYOP site goes live”
  • kellyls30 says:

    I see a screenshot of a straighttalk page showing the byod cdma site, but i cant find it anywhere on straighttalk’s site. All i see is the gsm sim byop page, which i absolutely do NOT want. I’ve been waiting for this program to go live, and im very disappointed that i cant find the page for it. Has anyone been able to find it? or Does anyone have a link to it?

  • John Grayson says:

    what phones are included? Is it only smartphones? I have an envy3 I would like to go back to using if possible.

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