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Straight Talk data throttling confirmed, iPhone hotspot feature not supported

Posted by 23 January, 2013

Straight Talk data throttling confirmed, iPhone hotspot feature not supportedUp to now, how much data usage Straight Talk allows in a month, are they throttle data or terminate users’ accounts when they reach some point of data usage, was a pure speculation made by users’ own experiences with the carrier. Now, for the first time, Straight Talk has confirmed to Fierce Wireless that they do throttle data but not on a specific data cap. Instead, they evaluate data usage on a case-by-case basis and throttle data to the users they find are excessive ones.

A Straight Talk representative told Fierce Wireless that in case of using too much data, like during “continuous video streaming”, Straight Talk would call the user and worn him/her of possible slowing his/her data speeds. There was no mention of possible terminating services as some users were reporting while ago.

Previously speculated data cap was around 100MB per day or 2GB per month, but many users reported that they haven’t been warned about slowing data speeds or they were throttled much earlier in their data usage, at around 1GB of data. This actually confirms that Straight Talk evaluates data usage on a case-by-case basis so one can never be sure. At least, they don’t terminate users accounts any more without warning. On a positive side, Straight Talk points out that the vast majority of their customers are happy with the service, meaning that data allowance is just enough for their everyday needs

Regarding the question on using Straight Talk iPhone 5 as a hotspot, Straight Talk rep confirmed that it’s not allowed. The iPhone 5’s “Personal Hotspot” feature that allows connecting devices as laptop or tablets would lead to data overuse so that’s definitely against their terms of service.

What remained unanswered is whether a Straight Talk iPhone 5 is able to connect to LTE since all iPhones run on Verizon’s network and since Straight Talk’s parent company TracFone has initially announced that iPhone 5 will be LTE-enabled.

Besides CDMA iPhones that use Verizon’s network, Straight Talk allows activating GSM iPhone 5 and others as well through its BYOD program. Fierce Wireless also reports that Straight Talk representative has confirmed that Walmart financing program indeed applies only to 16 GB iPhone 5 and an 8 GB iPhone 4. The financing option is available until April 2, 2013.

Source: Fierce Wireless

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