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Straight Talk BYOP CDMA program delayed, NET10 to support it too

Posted by 27 March, 2013

Straight Talk BYOP CDMA program delayed, NET10 to support it tooOther Straight Talk representatives have additionally confirmed the launch of Straight Talk BYOP CDMA program that would allow activating Verizon phones on its service. The launch was expected to happen yesterday, on March 26, but is delayed until “latter this week”, according to Straight Talk reps.

In addition, NET10 will also support BYOP CDMA program for activating Verizon compatible phones, according to NET10 representative. NET10 is a Straight Talk’s sister company (both are TracFone’s subsidiaries), therefore, it offers the same service. However, NET10’s unlimited talk, text and data are available for $50 per month but for those who enroll in auto refill option, unlimited service will be available for $45 per month.

The program will support activating older Verizon phones with no LTE as iPhone 4 and 4S, Androids Samsung Fascinate, HTC Incredible II, Motorola Droid X2 or Windows Phone HTC Trophy to name a few. Being able to activate any of older Verizon phones on their largest and most reliable coverage with Straight Talk’s $45 plan is a good deal.

Of course, Straight Talk has issues with its Terms of Service that forbid tethering or streaming, issues with Customer Support and with throttling users. Straight Talk has confirmed that they are throttling data on case-by-case basis. They have no specific data cap. Still, 100MB of data per day or 2GB  per month is where users should be safe.

Verizon MVNO Page Plus offers similar service with unlimited talk, text and 2 GB of data for $55 per month. However, Page Plus’s data cap is firm and they have more reliable customer service. Verizon’s own prepaid plan with unlimited talk, text and 2 GB data is even pricier, $70 per month.

There is no indication on when NET10 will be launching its BYOP CDMA program.

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7 Responses to “Straight Talk BYOP CDMA program delayed, NET10 to support it too”
  • Mike says:

    ST customer service is horrible if you read their FB page. And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg because most people just call their toll-free number. Apparently, unless you have an unlimited talk plan, they also charge you MINUTES for being on hold with their CS.

  • glenn says:

    I would like to switch my Verizon phone over to straight talk how do I do that

  • Melanie Hellwig says:

    I have a Verizon phone and bought a sim card kit through straight talk at wallmart and was told it was a CDMA but not sure if it was LTE compatible so I bought the kit and tried it out but, following the activation steps, it keeps saying I entered the wrong last 15 digits of the service card serial number. I tried entering the number underneath the barcode on the service card and that didn’t work either. I tried entering the number underneath the barcode off the CDMA Network access code card and that didn’t work. Which serial number do they want, what does it look like, and where can I find it?!! I tried the serial number under the battery of the phone but they said that it would not be found in their system since it wasn’t activated or registered yet. And why do they the serial number is the same as the phone’s MEID number, cause it’s NOT THE SAME!!!! PLEASE HELP ME FAST!

  • Summer Douglas says:

    Help…. I had a optimus phone that had the 45$ prepaid plan with straight talk and on june 20 2015 (the other day) I got a phone card and refilled my 45$ plan and ended up dropping phone in the pool. So I got the Moto E (2nd generation) called to switch my straight talk phone number to it and they said it was a net10 carrier not straight talk. So how can I get this new phone to work on straight talk and not net10

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