Straight Talk Huawei Raven LTE Full Review

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  1. f_u_hotmail says:

    I’m curious why the battery is not removable. Is it so that when the battery goes dead you have to buy a new phone? My wife wanted this phone and I suggested we get a different one for that reason. She just spent $200 on a piece of junk that worked 31 days and then capped out so I would prefer something that might last her a while.

  2. Matthew Swift says:

    Same question. Is this as serious a flaw as I think it is?

  3. bob says:

    Guys I was wondering the same thing but the battery is made stronger then most phone it is removable but only if u take some screws out I have had the phone for few months now and I have never seen a phone with a better performance

  4. Paige says:

    It’s worth mentioning, the reconditioned version on the Straight Talk website currently goes for $69.99 and comes with a year warranty, so if the battery goes, a replacement goes out (overnight shipping) that same day. I’ve noticed I get an unusual amount of talk time on the battery, it’s light years ahead of the Samsung Galaxy 5 I replaced. My old Galaxy ran out of gas too fast. The camera is amazing, too. All in all, I’m extremely happy with it.

  5. Keithkong says:

    It is 1280 x 720.not full HD.gets bogged down with maybe more than 10 apps.i use a task killer that helps a little.the home “button” is super sensitive and close to the space button on the keyboard.with big fingers you may exit your texting to home repeatedly.other than that a great phone.worth the money.

  6. Tiffany Summer Stine says:

    We paid 24.99 on the Straight Talk website with no plan and put it on my current plan in place of a shattered Pixi Charm. I never thought that would shatter, but accidents happen and I think there might have been a rock on the concrete surface…. Anyway, the Raven is the best phone I’ve ever had, fastest, and never slows down. Haven’t had a problem, and mine hasn’t gotten more than an hour of charging time in more than three days, and it’s still at 41%, and I’ve been using it the whole time for music, texting, and pictures for graduation and my senior party, where I was using it constantly until 5:30 am.

  1. September 20, 2015

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