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Straight Talk limits Unlimited International Plan, so as Net10

Posted by 3 May, 2013

Straight Talk limits Unlimited International Plan, so as Net10 Straight Talk has announced that its $60 Unlimited International Plan is no longer unlimited. The company explained on their blog that they are limiting its $60 International Plan in order “To improve the quality and reliability of our service to international destinations for our customers and to reduce network congestion.” The change went into effect on May 1, 2013.

The plan now includes 400 minutes for making calls to mobile phones in Mexico, which previously was unlimited. Calling international landline numbers in 37 countries is still unlimited but it’s good only for 15 unique international numbers per month. The 30 day plan also includes international calls to landlines and mobile phones in Canada, China and India.

Net10 has done the same thing. Its $65 Unlimited International plan, that’s $60 per month for customers who go for auto-pay option, is limited the same way. Prepaid Phone News reader sent a message meant for NET10’s independent dealers that reads:

“NET10 Wireless still one of the BEST Choices for Hispanics to stay connected with loved ones in Mexico

We thank you for your contribution to the success of NET10 Wireless and are diligently working to improve ILD call quality and customer service experience. Our goal is to help you leverage the equity of the Net10 Wireless brand to grow your business.

We launched NET10 Wireless International plans with very aggressive introductory pricing. As we continue to refine our value proposition we will be offering UNLIMITED + 400 Bonus cellular service calls to mobile phones in Mexico effective May 1st, 2013.”

If all this sounds familiar, this is because Telcel America, also America Movil’s brand, was the first one to limit its $60 Unlimited International plan. Its change went into effect on April 15. They have reduced international calling in the same way as Straight Talk. However, message for NET10 dealers does not include the 15 unique international numbers limitation but this modification most certainly applies to NET10 as well.

Now that all TracFone’s brands have limited their Unlimited International plans, Boost Mobile could be one of the alternatives for customers who need more minutes for calling Mexico than just 400, given that Sprint’s nationwide network is suitable for them. Boost Mobile currently offers a limited time promotion that’s good through June 6, 2013 with unlimited calls to mobile phones and landlines in 45 countries including Mexico and Canada. It is available for $15 per month and can be kept as long as the account is kept active.

Another option is AT&T’s Mexico Plus Plan added to the prepaid GoPhone brand recently. The plan includes 1,000 minutes for calling landline and mobile phone numbers in Mexico and 50 other countries as Canada, China and India for $10 per month. It is compatible with GoPhone’s $50 or $65 unlimited monthly plans.

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