Straight Talk Loyalty Rewards Program Earns Customers Free Service Plans

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  1. Annie Reynolds says:

    How can i join the straight reward plane

  2. Kimberly Morgan says:

    Can not make an account. Will not take my phone number or anything.

  3. pat freeman says:

    How do I log on…Can not create an account

  4. Judy Wilkie says:

    how can I join the reward plan. Can not create an account.

  5. vc says:

    The rewards program is a joke, won’t let me sign up online and if I call customer service, it’s hours on the phone and they still can’t figure how to enroll! Straight talk sucks!

  6. Maria A Fraccica says:

    Their rewards program is a scam. I have been a customer for over 3 years. Two months ago I finally had enough points to redeem for a free month of service. My regular account says I have enough points but when you go to the rewards account it says the last 100 points are still pending. Never received last month’s points either.It’s been 2 months and no one at Straighttalk can tell me why the points are still pending.

  7. John Rhodes says:

    I’m not happy why can’t I get reception anywhere anymore he won’t let me download my pictures that message to me and you know straight talk when you go to talk to somebody all you get is somebody from over and India I would sure like to be happy I’ve been with straight talk for quite a while

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