Straight Talk Moto G and Alcatel OneTouch Sonic LTE now available

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  1. The Sweeper says:

    The CDMA Moto G will run Verizon. Tutorial clearly says that to update the PRL, dial *22891.

  2. htebeerol says:

    When is the release date?

  3. tray says:

    What about the Alcatel..can that be updated to verizon also?

  4. Matt Cochran says:

    Just purchased the alcatel. Awesome phone

  5. Jeanie says:

    Just purchased the moto G from straight talk
    The box says GSM-T, so I guess it goes off of t mobile towers.

  6. Joan says:

    Thinking of getting the Alcatel Matt, was wondering if you’ve encountered any problems with it so far. Thanks for your opinion.

  7. Slowpoke Rodriquez says:

    So on the Alcatel, Will dialing *22891 update the prl and register the phone through Verizon towers or do I need to root my phone and reboot it?

  8. Mik says:

    Just go the Alcatel One Touch Sonic and setting it up now. I have a lot to learn. Seems like a nice phone. Can anyone tell me how to activate speakerphone for talking on a phone call?

  9. Tara says:

    Considering buying the Alcatel One touch Sonic LTE phone from StraightTalk. First time customer to straight talk. Wondering if anyone has had any problems with this phone before I buy! Thanks!

  10. Lynn says:

    I’m looking at the Alcatel One touch Sonic LTE from StraightTalk…does it use verizon towers?

  11. Pam says:

    No. It uses At&t. I got it as a replacement for my galaxy 2 and I hate it. I have never been able to even find an alarm clock. Plus I have had numerous other problems too. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  12. PATRICK says:

    I have the Alcatel Sonic LTE. It is fully rooted and super fast. I really like the phone but I cant enable a wifi hotspot. I cant even find setting for it in the menu. I have tried many different apps Pdanet etc. They all will install and appear to work but dont. This is my only problem with the phone. If anyone has a solution please let me know. BTW my phone speed test around 18 mbps!!!

  13. billy says:

    I have the alcatel one touch it seems to do alright except for it says that i only have about four g of internal storage anybody tell me how i can expand the internal mem thank you

  14. Cheryl LeBeau says:

    Bought alcatel one touch & cannot text the one person that i always text with!!! Can text anyone else but my son! Hate it. Called straighttalk & they couldn’t do anything about it. Can even text his wife & they have the same phone plan….??

  15. Lisa says:

    I am being sent the Alcatel one touch son as a replacement for my samsung galaxy s2. Already I am disappointed the camera is of lower quality and does not have a flash as I take lots of pictures of my kids and granbaby. I cannot find a case for it online and the many accessories I bought for my s2 are now of no use. Bummer. I will definitely be back to give a review after using the phone. You can count on that.

  16. D butler says:

    I have an unlocked moto g 2nd gen, got a straight talk micro sim. I followed the instructions on st bop. Now neither straight talk nor I can get it to work. No calls or texts….any ideas

  17. Mark Brownlee says:

    I have spent hours trying to connect my sonic to my pc. PC only recognizes it as android and nothing else. I downloaded Alcatel PC suite still the phone and program won’t recognize each other. Supposedly there is a usb connection switch in my phone I can access, none found. Alcatel help is useless as anything I’ve ever seen. Evidently Alcatel is big on selling phones and doesn’t care a bit about service or whether it actually will operate as advertised. I strongly suggest nobody purchase this companies defective and severely ill programmed and ill designed software hunk of plastic.

  18. Mark Brownlee says:

    Piece of junk.

  19. me says:

    Root it if it is so bad install root checker and you will see it is not rooted.

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