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Straight Talk plan – $30 All You Need plan

Posted by 15 July, 2011

Straight Talk Plan All You Need PlanPrepaid mobile phone industry has becoming more and more popular over the last few years. In prepaid phones and plans, people see their freedom in controlling their expenses. So in case that you were wondering who might be the best cell phone provider around, that offers good phone deals and affordable cell phone plans, why wouldn’t you consider a Straight Talk, subsidiary of TracFone and it’s amazing no contract prepaid plans. Straight Talk plan with unlimited everything for $45 for month of service and the other is All You Need $30, 1,000-minute Straight Talk plan that we will take a closer look at, right now.

What $30/month cell plan offers?

The $30 All You Need Straight Talk plan supplies users with 1,000 minutes nationwide, 1,000 texts or picture messages also nationwide, 30 megabytes of data and no-extra-charge directory assistance. There are no roaming charges within your chosen network (Verizon network, AT&T…) and free calls to 411 are available. Voice mail, caller id, call waiting are included too and also, users will benefit from same CDMA or GSM coverage as Verizon or AT&T contract plan users would but at half the price.

As far as minutes and text are concerned, with this deal, approximately, users get to talk around 33 minutes and to send 33 text messages per day. For an average user, that spends reasonable time on the phone talking and sending messages, this is more than enough. However, in the meantime, if some users learn that they need more time than that, they can easily switch to a Straight Talk Unlimited plan for $45. If that is not the case, there is no need to spend extra money. Good to know is that, if you decide to switch, you can port your existing number.

How to Refill Straight Talk service?

Users can refill straight talk minutes in two ways: automatic refill and by purchasing a refill card every 30 days. In first case, user will need to register credit or debit card at Straight Talk’s web site that will be charged every 30 days. If, for any reason, you want to stop automatic refill, you can cancel any time. However, keep in mind that when you want to enroll, do not do it before your next card is due because you will be charged again even if you have just added the refill card. That is because you cannot carry over the minutes or messages and you cannot extend your service period beyond 30 days. Your time is reset to 1000 minutes each renewal and this also applies when you add refill card.

By purchasing Straight Talk refill card (buy straight talk minutes online on their website or at Walmart), you will add 30 days of service. Again, this means that you cannot add more minutes to it by purchasing a new refill card in the meantime. Only thing that will happen is that new 30-day service will be activated. In case that you spend all your minutes before expiry date, you simply will not be able to make calls any more so the good thing about it is that you will never be surprised with large and unexpected bills.

And the last option is pretty new feature called Straight Talk reserve. This feature makes it possible to add several cards at a time and to choose when the service kicks, depending on the plan type. If you have unlimited plan, the service kicks in on the last day of service and if not, you can choose when the service kicks in by managing your plan online. However, since this feature is, as said, pretty new, it is important to inform yourself properly.

Straight talk phones

The Straight Talk plan works only with Straight talk phones, so you must purchase one. The offer is various and the highest price is $199.99 for 3G phones  Nokia E71 and 6790. So, there is a model appropriate for everybody’s pockets and needs in terms of features available. And do not forget that phones for both GSM and CDMA coverage areas are available.

Why $30 Straight Talk plan is good or bad comparing to other prepaid providers and plans?

Pros. The main idea of the prepaid industry is to save money and control your expenses but still to be able to have enough freedom to stay in touch with people that you love and need so this plan actually helps a lot in that term. If you Compare it to Straight Talk unlimited plan for $45, or any other prepaid provider that offers similar deals like Sprint, for example whose subsidiary’s Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile and their plans as Beyond Talk or Shrinkage plan are very competitive, you will notice few things.

First, you will have Straight Talk coverage, covered by Verizon Wireless – the most reliable network, so if you know that you can relay on your phone, this certainly counts for something, right? On the other hand, not everyone is in need for constant being on the phone. So for those users that stay in touch but in a more moderate manner, $30 All You Need Straight Talk Plan offers more than enough minutes, texts, picture messages and data usage to feel free but not to pay for something that users do not use or need.

Cons. Users are mostly happy with Straight Talk phones and plans if their customer service and support is left out. People are disappointed and annoyed in most cases if they have any problem with their phones because they are kept waiting for too long on the phone, users can not understand the person on the other side and in general, can hardly get any help. So this is something that is reality, so if you are lucky to avoid any initial problems with your phone, you will be more than satisfied with your Straight Talk plan and phone as well. But if problems show up, good luck.

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  • keith Lambeth says:

    Straight talk has the worst service in the industry. Customer service is a joke. Its in India. No surprise there with the walmart greed. you can’t understand a word they say except skus me skus me. Boost is as bad or worse.

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