Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Ace Style available now for $149.99

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  1. D. VanDe says:

    what phone is compatiable with the new Samsung Galaxy Ace Style model S765c having problem finding accessories for the Ace Style S765C from StraightTalk prepaid Service.

  2. Patricia Williamson says:

    I just purchased the Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Ace Style phone and now I cannot find a case for it. Any Suggestions

  3. Catherine W says:

    Bought this phone last week @
    WalMart. Problem with battery staying charged. Also can’t find cover/case. Please help.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I can’t find a case at all. I have looked all over the internet. I just bought this phone last week. If anyone finds anything please let me know.

  5. Scott says:

    I just bought the Samsung S765C Galaxy Ace Style
    and can not find a case for it yet.
    Anyone seen a case for these phones yet?

  6. judy says:

    Bought last week and have checked internet for covers, cannot find anything. Called samsung, they said it was an older model and they only made cases or covers for the latest models. If anyone finds a place that has them would love to know .

  7. Roger says:

    I just bought the S765C myself. I thought these phones were new? I haven’t been able to find a case anywhere either. If this is an older model, where are the cases?

  8. anna puscavage says:

    Has anyone found a phone case for their samsung galaxy ace style s765c. I cant find one

  9. April says:

    I wish I would have read these comments before buying my phone. I also am searching for a case for mine. I’m going to return it if I can’t find one soon. I didn’t have a case for my last phone, and it really needed one. I take my phone with me everywhere, just like a good phone-a-holic, and it needs a protective case.

  10. J. Stryker says:

    Try cases for the Ace3, … only prob might be the opening for the flash that isn’t there.

  11. Gabriel says:

    Was able to get a case at Walmart but am having trouble with some Netflix movies not loading, anyone know of a fix?

  12. Kelly says:

    My husband bought me this phone for my birthday, I also have been looking for a case I have been on probably every website that has phone cases and cant find one…its very frustrating …..

  13. Karen says:

    My husband just bought this phone for me. As everyone else has posted I also cannot find a case. Looking for a dual case. I have been on multiple site’s and have found nothing. 🙁

  14. C Dougherty says:

    I found covers at the super Wallmart today. They were with the Straight Talk accessories in a green box. It said right on them they were for the S765C. They were not listed online.

  15. Howell says:

    Gabriel if you found one at walmart do you know what information you used to get one. I have not been able to locate anything either.

  16. Howell says:

    I just received and email from otterbox saying that their engineers do not plan on making a case for this phone

  17. deb says:

    Like the phone same here can’t find a case at Walmart or online…any alternatives that would work?

  18. Rhonna says:

    Just found a case for the Samsung Galaxy Ace Style S765C @ Wal-Mart for $14.99. The case came in black or hot pink made by Fellows. I haven’t been able to find a screen protector yet.

  19. RKS says:

    My son bought the ACE Style and loves it. As with everybody else, he could not find a case. Our Walmart finally got some in but only in purple and pink. My SON does not want purple or pink. As another poster stated, they are in the green straight talk box with the straight talk phones and other accessories at our local Walmart.

  20. Shelly says:

    Love the Ace Style phone..ended up buying a mooncase from case is for an ace duo but is flexible enough to almost fit the phone…the Ace style is longer.

  21. Me says:

    When looking for case search Samsung Ace Style..

  22. Martha says:

    Go to Amazon!!

  23. dennis gorman says:

    Look on amazon and put in s765c.

  24. dennis gorman says:

    Look on and puy in description s765c.

  25. Douglas Simmons says:

    Don’t believe Samsung that it is an older model. It is new, just released May of 2014. I talked to the rep and he said it isn’t even in their listing yet. There are no spare batteries for purchase yet from Samsung or Straight Talk according both of their reps.

  26. jerri says:


  27. Alf says:

    Go to Wal Mart or

  28. Kent says:

    I have been Strait Talk customer for about 4 years. The Galaxy Ace is the fastest phone I’ve seen in the $149 price range. I ha e found no issues with this phone unlike the bug riddled Galaxy Centura. I would recommend this phone. By the way, cases are available all over ebay for this phone starting at $3.95.

  29. Katerina says:

    Does the Straight Talk Samsung Ace Style S765C phone have a SIM card?

  30. Shaun John says:

    Check on Amazon for protective phone covers….. New/Used/Low prices

  31. David says:

    My home button is not working help please!!!

  32. mark arledge says:

    There are spare batteries for this phone . This is is a rebuilt samsung galaxy 3 mini built for straighttalk. Look on amazon for replacement battery for samsung galaxy 3 mini . Hope this helps.

  33. mark arledge says:

    Samsung galaxy ace has NO SIM cards its a verizon phone REBUILT SAMSUNG GALAXY 3 MINI i8190 phone built for straighttalk. Hope this helps.

  34. mark arledge says:

    Phone cases for samsung galaxy ace can be found on any kind any color can be found on

  35. MARK says:

    straighttalk will not help with replacement battery they tell me to contact local walmart or samsung factory what is going on now selling phone 29.99 since there is NO REPLACEMENT BATTERY

  36. Kathy says:

    I have the Samsung Galaxy ace style S765C in jitterbug great call ; it seems ANY/ALL Samsung Galaxy ace style S765C phones are the same, you can buy a micro SD card, it goes under the battery I think.

  37. Dee says:

    I have always found my phone cases on Ebay.

  38. rac nnud says:

    there are thousands of cases available on ebay. i got a very good case for 3.99 with free shipping.

  39. Can’t find spare battery plus charger unit for my sanding galaxy ace sms765c. Can find it in other samsung models, but not for this model. Please help.

  40. Ronda says:

    I’ve ordered 2 covers thru Walmarts site which takes you to eForcity and the covers don’t fit. $149 for a phone that doesn’t offer cases-insane.

  41. Summer says:

    Can’t find a replacement screen anywhere for this phone ughh this is terribly frustrating.

  42. Tracey says:

    I am looking for a battery for this model phone. Can u help me pls. thank you Tracey

  43. buket says:

    Hi. Where is sim card entry. Help ?

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