Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro Available at Walmart for $150

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  1. Starla Perkins says:

    Will you be able to to display phone display on your t.v like the other versions of Sky Pro? Or not with the straight talk version? If not I should get the other Sky Pro so it is possible.

  2. Samantha Tant says:

    I’ve purchased mine 2 months ago and now it’s a pain just to get it to take a charge! Overall it’s a great phone but I paid $150 and keep the $55 plan on it and I would expect not to have this problem this early!

  3. Chris says:

    Does this phone ha SIM Card Slot?

  4. Jaggoff says:

    A sim card is not the same as a MicroSD card. his does have a sim card so you will be able to use LTE but that is not for the AT&T service. This is a CDMA phone

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