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Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S Showcase available in some Walmart stores

Posted by 15 October, 2012

Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S Showcase availableAnother Straight Talk Android smartphone running on Verizon network has been spotted in Walmart store by a Howard Forum user, same as LG Optimus Zip. This time, it’s Galaxy S Showcase, a renamed version of a two-year old original Galaxy S. Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S Showcase is available for $250 in select Walmart stores only, for now, and obviously will be added to Straight Talk’s website pretty soon.

The Galaxy S Showcase has its own pros and cons and it will depend on the users if they find it being a good or a bad deal. The phone is overpriced considering it’s a two-year old phone having an S II and S III versions following but the Verizon’s coverage may be a huge plus for many. Considering specs, Showcase comes with a 4-inch WVGA Super Amoled screen, a 1GHz processor and Android 2.3 Gingerbread. However, Straight Talk also sells Samsung Galaxy S II on AT&T HSPA+ network running on Android 2.3 for $349.99.

Provided image of Galaxy S Showcase on Howard Forum shows the phone being compatible with only $45 Unlimited plan but since it’s Android, the international texting is included.

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5 Responses to “Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S Showcase available in some Walmart stores”
  • John Johnson says:

    I bought the samsung galaxy s2 last month. I dont thing the S model will do as well as they want. It is over prices for a phone that is obsolete. Yes verizon tower are excellent but for a few dollars more they can have the S2 and never need to upgrade which is on AT&T towers at 4G. Which is faster and more upgraded phone.The price should be around $200 to complete with those LG products

  • Mark Morgan says:

    Well here in Littleton NH There is no better straight talk phone avail for this area so I guess I am stuck paying this overpriced phone. I wanted the Galaxy2 but straight talk says it will not work here yet when i click on walmart ad it directs me to click here and see if you have service in your area it says it works but the walmart people here in Littleton says it will NOT work! I hate it up here lol.

  • Jay says:

    This phone sucks butt. Unless I have a deffective one. Since day one its been a nusance. Didnt come with a manual at all on how the use the features on the phone. Cant multitask whe playing music. Music will start skipping horrifically. It has a habit of taking screenshot photos every now and then whenever I try to lock the phone and have to take the battery out. Its slow as dirt. Takes almost 15 seconds to open the menu. No flash player. Ive had a number of phones and have to say this is the worst phone Ive ever had. I switched from an LG Android on Virgin mobile for this phone and I regret it. Only thing good I can say about it is the service is great. This particular models runs off Verizon towers. But not at all worth $250. I feel Ive been jipped. Should be $140.

  • kelleyb says:

    does the Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S take more time then it should to open the photo gallery? the last straight talk phone i had took for ever to open the pictures. I’m really wanting the S2 but it dont have signal where i live. 🙁 really think this phone is over priced.

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