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Straight Talk smartphones new and reconditioned ones available at new prices

Posted by 23 August, 2011

Straight Talk smartphones new and reconditioned Nokia E71Straight Talk finally set the prices right for their smartphones. The prices were actually unbalanced since it was obvious that some Straight Talk smartphones are slightly more advanced than others are, but the price was the same. The best example was the Nokia E71 and 6790. These two smartphones were available from the start for $245 each, than for $199.99, so they kept the same price all the way, even though it is clear that E71 has more advanced features than Nokia 6790.


Straight Talk smartphones new and reconditioned Nokia 6790For the first time now, the prices of these two Straight Talk smartphones are put in right balance. The Nokia 6790 is available for $169.99 while Nokia E71 is priced at $179.99. However, what Straight Talk users can make really happy at this exact time is that these two smartphones are available reconditioned as well, for the price of $99.99. Of course, it is the same price again but since they are reconditioned smartphones, it is fine. To get serious, this is a great opportunity to save even more because these smartphones are under one year guarantee, same as new ones and the thought of getting all the functionality that these great smartphones offer for as low as $99.99, is a great chance.


Straight Talk smartphones Samsung T528G As far as Straight Talk smartphones Samsung T528G and Nokia E5 are concerned, their prices remain the same. That is actually fine since Samsung T528G is a touch screen with some level of internet activity like text and picture messaging, instant messaging, emailing, social networking and downloading but there is no streaming so the price of $99.99 is OK. On the other hand, Nokia E5 is the latest but also most advanced smartphone available so far in Straight Talk smartphones lineup so it should be the most expensive $199,99. Same as with E71 and 6790, the E5 has all the features similar to the E71 but still they are more quality and advanced as better operating system, faster and more responsive processor, much better camera and more, so the price is proper.


Straight Talk smartphones Nokia E5 All these Straight Talk smartphones, with the exception of Samsung T528G (you can choose between both Straight Talk plans according to your needs), are available only with $45 unlimited plan with unlimited talk, text and data, even the reconditioned ones. Even though, this plan is one of the most affordable ones in prepaid industry, still, you cannot choose the cheaper one for $30, so just to remind you that you cannot save more than that. As a matter of fact, these opportunities for saving should be more than enough for Straight Talk users.

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