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Straight Talk smartphones – compare Nokia 6790, E71, E5 and the Samsung T528G

Posted by 9 August, 2011

If you are a fan of Straight Talk and their unbelievably affordable unlimited plan for talk, text and data for just $45 per month, than you are in the right place. Not just due to its plan but for their “modest” offer of four great smartphones as well. If you are in doubt which one to choose to go with this wonderful freedom of talking, texting and browsing, Nokia 6790, E71, E5 or Samsung T528G, don’t look any further because we will review all Straight Talk smartphones, joint at one place.

Nokia 6790First it was just Nokia 6790 and E71. These two Straight Talk smartphones are notably different and they have found their separate ways to users. Nokia 6790 is a compact slider smartphone that, when slides out, exposes great to type with full QWERTY keyboard. And that is, in most opinions, the strongest feature of this phone. Since it is casual opposite to E71 and E5 that are business type, perfect for messaging, goes with unlimited texting and data and supports multiple email accounts, social networking, 3g speeds, many would say that this phone is perfect for younger users that do exactly that, text a lot and browse.

Nokia E5On the other hand, Nokia E 71 is feature richer than 6790 but is slightly less advanced than Nokia E5. Both of these are more business type phones and are very similar in look and functionality but the E71 was offered first. And that is the point. E5 is the most advanced phone available at Straight Talk with features as 5-megapixel camera (comparing to 3.2-megapixel camera at E71), slightly better operating system, faster processor, more expandable memory, ability to upload pictures and videos taken with your camera straight from your phone to Facebook or Twitter and more.


Nokia E71However, no matter how advanced E5 seems, it actually is not worth of upgrade if you already have E71 because this smartphone itself has some advantages. One of them is more solid build since it is made of metal while E5 is entirely made of plastic. Also, it has front camera which is very cool feature since you can make video calls, chat face to face with someone while on the go.

All these three Straight Talk smartphones mentioned above cost $199.99 with no contract required, no credit checks, no additional or hidden fees so considering what functionality they provide, this seem like a fair price.

Samsung T528GAnd the last smartphone to mention is the Samsung T528G, available for $99.99. Being a smartphone is not a central point of this phone. The main attribute is being a touch screen phone. Why is this so important? Well simply because there were no touchscreen phones offered from this carrier since Samsung Finesse and that was long time ago. So users were in great need for one. When it came, it became very asked for.

Moreover, it can do what is expected from it. You can stay connected because phone supports messaging, email accounts, social networking but not more than that. Also it is 3g and WiFi capable. In addition, the phone itself is cheaper than the rest of Straight Talk smartphones but also you can save on $30 plan since this touchscreen phone is not required with unlimited plan like the rest are.

That is it in short note about Straight Talk smartphones and I really hope it helped in your decision.

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  • ryan says:

    actually the e5 cannot post pictures and videos directly to facebook. I have it, hell imposting this from it right now. The straight talk e5 comes without access to many stock features that the e5 has. The share online app is removed, location from gps for pictures and such is removed, the homescreen and original facebook app that the e5 has is removed. I could care less about the rest but share online pisses me off.

    Removal of that makes the social networking abilities of this phone horrible. You cant get it from the ovi store or anywhere else ive seen either. You can only find upgrades to share online and without the base .sis program you cant upgrade it. If anyone can find the base program i would love you forever. Vice versa if you know of another uploading pic/vid to fb app the e5 supports that would be helpful as well.

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