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Straight Talk Unlimited – $45 Unlimited talk, text and web plan

Posted by 18 July, 2011

Straight Talk unlimitedIt’s been some time now since Straight Talk Wireless offered $45 Unlimited plan with unlimited minutes, text or picture messaging and mobile web access. As we can see now, that was push forward for many other providers that came up with very similar affordable plans but still, it seems as Straight Talk unlimited plan for $45 remains one of the best in overall.

Straight Talk unlimited talk, text and web with 30 days of service, with calls to 411 at no extra charge for $45 is pretty good offer. So if you are heavy talker, if you love texting or even your priority is web browsing, this plan is for you. Keep in mind that if you don’t spend that much time talking, texting or browsing the Internet, you should search for plans that cost less and are specialized for what you need the phone most for

For even bigger saving, Straight Talk gives a possibility to prolong your service to longer periods and save that way. Same slogan as with Boost Mobile’s Shrinkage plan that says: “Longer you stay, less you pay” Straight Talk uses to explains what this deal is all about to their customers. If you expand your service for 3 months with $125.99 refill card, you will be able to save $9. On a six month Straight Talk unlimited service plan for just $249.99, you will be able to save $20 and the bigger save is if you choose to refill your service once a year or to use 1 year unlimited service plan for just $499, you will be able to save $40. How great is that? It a win win situation and both sides benefit. Straight Talk keeps the customers for longer and customers can use unlimited service for even less money that $45.

Besides Straight Talk unlimited plan that made this carrier rather popular at prepaid users, their phones offer is also enhanced. Ones poor choice of prepaid phones is far in the past. Now, there is a phone for every taste and need, considering it is prepaid service. Depending what you need the phone for, you can choose from Samsung T401G for $99.99 or R355C for $129.99 for texting or if you need smartphone, you can check Nokia E71 or 6790 for the same price of $199.99. Of course, you can always go for basic phones if that satisfies your needs.

Since Straight Talk unlimited plan and phones offer are quite satisfying, it is not fair to make everything sound perfect when it’s not. Straight Talk customer service is something that irritates customers a lot, since the help is impossible to get, when needed. For some users, this could be a big disadvantage.

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