Straight Talk ZTE Atrium available now for $79.88

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  1. teresa osborne says:

    Just bought the zte atrium but very dissapoited no storage for apps only downloaded three and down to 3 % in storage plenty on my sd card almost 30 gigabyteesis there any way of tranferring my apps to my sd card and save storage space on my phone ??

  2. Ashley says:

    Mine works alright except it will turn itself on and off without me touching. Also it has absolutely NO storage space what so ever!!!!

  3. Joyce says:

    When someone try to call they get a message that my voice mail hasn’t been set up and it doesn’t even ring. Have checked everything and all looks god so need help please.
    It worked at first then stopped.

  4. Courtney says:

    I’m trying to decide what micro SD GB size I should buy for my Atrium ZTE Android 4.4.4 and I’m not really getting an answer anywhere I go. I am looking for something fairly cheap but bigger GB then the 2 GB i have in now.

  5. Courtney says:

    I have had my Atrium ZTE for about 6 months and have had problems with being able to download apps because there’s not enough storage space. So I bought a 32 GB micro SD card now I need to know how to sync my pictures and contacts. Also I would like to put my apps on the micro SD card. Please help me

  6. Robin says:

    I got this phone for free but it was not the one in the photo. I wish to return it or receive the phone that was advertised.

  1. October 13, 2015

    […] on all 4 major U.S. wireless networks, continues with its practice of releasing a new smartphone almost every week. This week, it’s a Straight Talk ZTE Allstar LTE Z818G, available currently at Walmart […]

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