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LG Optimus Q for Straight Talk is available now

Posted by 9 November, 2011 (11) Comment

LG Optimus Q Straight TalkLG Optimus Q, Straight Talk’s second Android powered smartphone is available now for purchase. For the last two weeks it’s been offered for pre-ordering but now you can finally get it for $179.99 with no contract and with carrier’s $45 unlimited monthly plan with unlimited talk, text and data. Read more

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LG Optimus Q from Straight Talk available for pre-ordering

Posted by 23 October, 2011 (20) Comment

LG Optimus Q Straight TalkOn Straight Talk’s official web site, you can pre-order the latest Android smartphone LG Optimus Q if that is the one you are interested in. LG Optimus Q is a second Android powered smartphone available for this carrier and is priced at $179.99. This handset is slightly more expensive than the first Android released earlier, Samsung Galaxy Precedent, which costs $149.99. Both require no contract signing obligations and work with very affordable $45 Unlimited plan that offers unlimited talk, text and web. Which one will you choose is up to you, differences are minor but important thing is that LG Optimus Q became available. Read more

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LG Optimus Q, new Android phone announced by Straight Talk

Posted by 3 October, 2011 (50) Comment

LG Optimus Q new Android phone by Straight Talk Straight Talk announces LG Optimus Q, new Android addition to already existing Samsung Galaxy Precedent, according to carrier’s Facebook page. It seems like this is just a beginning of lining up Android handsets. LG Optimus Q is Straight Talk’s version of also freshly announced LG Optimus Slider for Virgin Mobile. Read more

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