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Lycamobile adds more 4G data to $29 and $39 plans

T-Mobile MVNO Lycamobile has added more 4G data to $29 and $39 monthly plans. The $29 plan now includes 250 MB of 4G HSPA+ data per month instead of previous 50 MB. The $39...




PrepaYd Wireless announces LTE

Sprint MVNO PrepaYd Wireless has announced adding access to LTE. PrepaYd LTE service is available through the carrier’s new LTE $60 monthly plan and refill PINs. So far, they have been offering 4G data...


MetroPCS Galaxy Mega launches on November 25

Just as leak has suggested last month, MetroPCS will add the Samsung Galaxy Mega to its prepaid lineup. The company has announced today that this extra large phone with a 6.3-inch screen will be...