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Cricket starts LTE service in Tucson, Arizona

Leap Wireless stated in October 2011 that by the end of the next year, they would be covering over 25 million people with LTE. That’s exactly what they have started officially in Tucson, Arizona...



T-Mobile new Monthly 4G prepaid plans all available now

As previously announced, from October 16th, a new $30 Monthly4G prepaid plan as well as all other rumored plans, a new $60 4G and Pay-per-day Monthly4G plans, are now live and available. All these...



T-Mobile could be toting up a new $60 monthly 4G plan

A new $60 monthly 4G plan might become part of already existing T-Mobile’s prepaid plan offer, according to an image found by TmoNews.com. Two plans, $50 and $70 are great but the difference of data...


Sidekick 4G review- T-Mobile prepaid cell phone

Matte Black Sidekick 4G phone, available at T-Mobile prepaid is the most expensive device. It is priced $379.99 with no annual contract. The price is reasonable since it offers some very cool features as...