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FreedomPop adds iPod Sleeve to its prepaid offer for $99.00

FreedomPop has announced adding Sleeve Rocket to its prepaid offer, a case for the iPod Touch that’s WiMax-enabled and serves as a mobile hotspot. With iPod Sleeve, or any other device available at FreedomPop,...


Assurance Wireless offers its service in Idaho

Assurance Wireless is a Virgin Mobile USA and Sprint’s division, supported by the Lifeline Assistance program, specially designed for providing no-contract wireless service to low-income families. Today, Assurance Wireless has announced that their service...



MetroPCS $25 unlimited talk and text plan is back

MetroPCS $25 unlimited talk and text plan is available again as of September 28, 2012. This promotional plan was replaced in the beginning of September with a $30 unlimited plan, that includes picture messaging...