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Samsung Galaxy Precedent, compare first Straight Talk Android smartphone

Posted by 9 September, 2011 (1) Comment

Samsung Galaxy PrecedentStraight Talk users and prepaid users in general, the ones who constantly seek out for better or even the best prepaid deal out there, have a lot to cheer about due to the release of Samsung Galaxy Precedent, first Straight Talk Android smartphone. More than one factor makes this smartphone a good deal, not just comparing to the Straight Talk smartphones but in general, comparing to other prepaid carriers and their phones and plans. Read more

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Straight Talk smartphones new and reconditioned ones available at new prices

Posted by 23 August, 2011 (1) Comment

Straight Talk smartphones new and reconditioned Nokia E71Straight Talk finally set the prices right for their smartphones. The prices were actually unbalanced since it was obvious that some Straight Talk smartphones are slightly more advanced than others are, but the price was the same. The best example was the Nokia E71 and 6790. These two smartphones were available from the start for $245 each, than for $199.99, so they kept the same price all the way, even though it is clear that E71 has more advanced features than Nokia 6790. Read more

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Straight Talk smartphones – compare Nokia 6790, E71, E5 and the Samsung T528G

Posted by 9 August, 2011 (6) Comment

If you are a fan of Straight Talk and their unbelievably affordable unlimited plan for talk, text and data for just $45 per month, than you are in the right place. Not just due to its plan but for their “modest” offer of four great smartphones as well. If you are in doubt which one to choose to go with this wonderful freedom of talking, texting and browsing, Nokia 6790, E71, E5 or Samsung T528G, don’t look any further because we will review all Straight Talk smartphones, joint at one place.

Nokia 6790First it was just Nokia 6790 and E71. These two Straight Talk smartphones are notably different and they have found their separate ways to users. Nokia 6790 is a compact slider smartphone that, when slides out, exposes great to type with full QWERTY keyboard. And that is, in most opinions, the strongest feature of this phone. Since it is casual opposite to E71 and E5 that are business type, perfect for messaging, goes with unlimited texting and data and supports multiple email accounts, social networking, 3g speeds, many would say that this phone is perfect for younger users that do exactly that, text a lot and browse. Read more

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Nokia E71 and Nokia 6790- compare new Straight Talk smartphones

Posted by 15 July, 2011 (1) Comment

Straight Talk Nokia E71 In recent times, there is smartphone available with almost every prepaid provider, the same as Nokia E71 and Nokia 6790 with Straight Talk but that wasn’t always the case. Not so long ago, the situation in the prepaid industry was different. There’s been a great offer of affordable plans but the choice of handsets was quite poor. But that changed significantly. More and more postpaid users have a good reason to cross over to prepaid world because they don’t need to sacrifice anything any more. For low cost of prepaid plans for unlimited everything, they don’t need to use basic and useless handsets, because prepaid world has decided to compete. So, that is exactly what these two new Straight Talk smartphones Nokia E71 and Nokia 6790 are doing in Straight Talk’s lineup, fighting for more satisfied users.

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