Telcel America discontinues the $45 Unlimited plan

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  1. dealer says:

    Hello, I think its better for the $45 plan and I have so many customer with the $45 which awesome even thought no dealer support. Everything was collapse and make our store lose reputation of activate so many customer to the $45 plan which beat the T-mobile $50 plan and has good data running, while just disappear of a stupid reason because of international. I think wholes came out this idea remove the $45 and go to $60. There couple reason:
    1. Customer looking for low price with good internet and good coverage. Plan $45 are just perfect and affordable to most of the low income people.
    2. Only 5% who are looking for international? And who’s want to paid $60 for not using international. If international is over 80 country there will be “yes” people will pa attention too but only few country that’s wont work.
    3. Tracfone just trying to benefit their self not for dealer. they idea is to make customer go direct to them not return to the store. They gave dealer the lowest percent…

  1. July 26, 2013

    […] they are currently offering use those networks. They offer only one prepaid service plan since the $45 unlimited plan is no longer […]

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