TracFone launching Total Wireless, new Verizon MVNO with data sharing plans

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  1. Barbara says:

    Can I keep my phone

  2. MK says:

    Total Wireless has horrible customer service. The web page said my BYOP was compatible but after purchasing a plan and activation code it was not compatible. 4 hours with tech support and denied a refund. beware!!! Waste of money and horrible service.

  3. Unhappy says:

    Be careful with BYOP. The compatibility checker said i could bring my own phone so i paid for access code and plan. After purchasing i was told that the website BYOP checker didnt work and i could not have a refund. 4+ hours with customer service and $81.00 later i still have no service plan. If you buy their phone i think it works.

  4. Ron says:

    Be careful folks! Total Wireless says you can bring your own phone. It’s not entirely true. It’s probably true if it is not a TracFone. If it is a Tracfone your in trouble. Even if the web site says your existing serial number is Ok. In my case it said my Straight Talk phone serial number was Ok. It won’t work. As you proceed with the Web site instructions you reach a screen that says there is a problem and you must call them to continue. At that point they tell you by phone that any Straight Talk or TracFone won’t work. To me I see it as false advertising.

  5. dan says:

    does an iphone 5s work?

  6. LM says:

    The same thing happened to me. Purchased a phone that was a straight talk phone that ran on Verizon network, website said it was compatible, but then it told me to call customer service to activate. When I called them , they said that they could not activate it because it was for straight talk. I asked them why, as it was for a Verizon network, and they never did give me a good reason why. They have the exact phone, just $10 more for total wireless.

  7. Craig says:

    I brought my own Verizon Iphone and purchased a LG ultimate 2 for my wife, the network is great, because its Verizon, Customer service sucks, but so does Verizons, Total Wireless website DOES NOT WORK, there is NO way to track Data usage at this time. Customer service keeps telling me to wait 24-48 hours, even the texting Balance don’t work, Best thing to do is go straight to Walmart Corporate, they will appoligize with a gift card, I got 25.00, but I still cant check my usage, & no one at Customer service speaks CLEAR English !

  8. Tom Willson says:

    I too (at first) thought that I could bring my phone over. Their website compatability checker initially showed my Verizon Samsung S3 as good to go. Waited a week or two to research them a bit more and just prior to getting their service, I checked again and it said “no go”. So I got an LG Ultimate 2 for me and the Samsung Galaxy Style Ace for my wife. We are very pleased. Yes, it is a 3g network, but that isn’t a big deal with us. Customer service that I received was very good and helped us in setting the phones up correctly. No, they don’t speak “perfect” English, but if you are patient it should not be an issue. It certainly wasn’t with us.
    As to the data manager taking capabilities, I installed an app titled “My Data Manager” by Mobidia Technology. It works excellent for us and tracks mobile and wifi separately and can be set up for shared plans, oh yeah, and is free! I recommend giving it a try, regardless who your provider is.

  9. Ron says:

    As other comments have stated, Total Wireless Customer Service is totally worthless. The BYOP plan is also a complete sham.

    I tried to bring in a Samsung Galaxy S5 4GLTE phone from Verizon into the plan. Nowhere in the literature does it say that this phone is not compatible. I called Total Wireless to enroll that phone and port over my phone number from Straight Talk. Customer support charged me US$6.99 to enroll this phone in the plan and charged my credit card for enrollment fees, first months service, link fees, and taxes totaling almost US$50. I waited 3 days to get my number ported over and it never activated my phone.

    I contacted Total Wireless again and Technical Support stated that Total Wireless Plans DO NOT accept 4GLTE phones. It took 3 hours to just get a refund (not received yet). It took 6 hours on the phone to get my number ported back to my old phone.

    Stay away from Total Wireless if you want to BYOP. Customer service is very poor and their english language skills are poor.

    I cannot speak to the quality of the phone or data service since I was never able to get a phone connected to the service. For the US$10/per month supposed savings over Straight Talk, it isn’t worth the hassle. Now that Straight Talk gives 3GB of 4GLTE data then unlimited 3G data, Total Wireless is even less attractive.

  10. Judy says:

    You can’t use a 4G phone with Total Wireless. It runs only on 3G.

  11. Adriana Wegner says:

    Total Wireless,

    What a mistake changing my cell phone carrier to total Wireless. Awful customer service. I was told that my phone was compatible with their service and when I could not get service for two days they told me that my Samsung Galaxy 3 was not compatible with their network!
    Not only that.

    I got a phone for my son. They told me that the transaction had not gone through. Not only it went through. They charged me twice for the same transaction. Try to get a hold of someone to help you with the billing mess. Good luck. I was 40 minutes on the phone and could not get a hold of anyone.

    Do yourself a favor and DO NOT sign up with Total Wireless. Going to go back to my old carrier and will have to pay reactivation fees:(:(

  12. Haley says:

    Same thing happened to me. They told me that because my phone was thru straight talk that my phone was branded to straighttalk. This makes no sense to me since straighttalk and total wireless are sister companies. Yes total wireless is cheaper but it’s because all straighttalk customers have to buy new phones to switch to total wireless. I think this is crap!!

  13. JoAnn says:

    I WAS interested in switching over to them but I called them to ask if I could just purchase a SIM card. The person told me they do not use SIM cards, I would have to buy a new phone. Not, sorry. Keep my business with Straighttalk.

  14. Brittany says:

    I bought the 60 dollar plan so I could have my daughter and my phone added to the same plan as advertised. When I called the automated number it did not give me the option of adding my number to the plan, after waiting the 3 days they said it would take to add it, I was told to wait another 3 days, after raising cane they said they would give me 3 free days of service and would call me back. I never got a call back, but phone is still working. I have no idea if it has been added to the plan or if they just got tired of talking to me. All in all I was out of service for 6 days total. I asked them what was free about the 3 days they gave me since I paid for the plan. No answer. Lets see how this goes this month. Maybe they haven’t worked out the bugs yet, but it needs to happen soon if they plan to launch a wireless service. Now I can’t even sign in or create an account, it says I have to call customer service during regular business hours. Ho Hummm

  15. Chris says:

    I hate to tell y’all but strait talk is just as bad. With strait talk the towers are always down when trying to do the byop program so you can’t activate it. Their phones don’t last long and their not worth a crap. Their customer service is based in India so half the time they you get disconnected. You can’t hardly understand them. They are horrible at helping you and will either blow you off on someone else or hang up on you. If you need your phone replaced then they take a week to send you a box to ship your phone to them and you have to a week to two weeks for them to send you your replacement and they lie to you sayingtthat they will send you a brand new phone when instead they send you a refurbished one. I know this because I work as a electronic salesmen and I get more complaints about them and alot of returns on their phones. I have people in my family thats had trouble with their phones. So I’m not going to bad mouth total wireless. I never had a return or complaint about them. One store I know sales alot off them and their customers never had a problem with them.

  16. Ziggy says:

    I have to admit, the service with Total Wireless is great!
    It’s Verizon’s towers, so how can it not be? That’s the positive.

    The negatives are that the phones SUCK!!
    I got the Alcatel, because at $150, it was twice as powerful as the Galaxy 3, which was $250. But I’ve had SO many problems with this phone since I got it. Obviously those of us who use these services are doing so because we’re on a budget, so $150 to us is quite a bit. When we’re spending that kind of money on a phone, shouldn’t it be of better quality.

    One other drawback… it’s ONLY 3G.. but that’s a minor issue. I’m sure they’ll upgrade eventually.

  17. Bill says:

    Today I went to walmart and purchased the LG LUCKY phone so I could try out the total wireless service. I have been with Verizon for the last year paying $70.a month using one of their best phones, the SAMSUNG GALAXY S5. My reason for switching was that I wanted to save some money on the monthly bills. So now comes my review. First of all I live in an area where Verizon works the best. I did some research and found out that total wireless uses the Verizon network. This finalized my decision and I went for it. I grabbed the cheapest phone for $59. and purchased a $35. unlimited refill .Made the call to start the service and port my phone # and within 1 hour I had a working total wireless phone. I made several calls all over the country and I am SUPER IMPRESSED. My brother in FL. said that I never sounded so clear and loud and on my end it was the same. My $600. Verizon phone was never so loud and clear and the signal strength in the house was always 1 or 2 bars where the cheaper LG phone has 2 to 3 bars and is very loud and clear. I also figured out that in 12 months time I will save $420. per year on the data($35). plan or $540.a year for the unlimited talk and text(25.) plan versus Verizon. I just had to add my imput to this service and I highly recommend it. My name is Bill and I live in the 12553 zip code in Orange Cty. NY.

  18. Susan says:

    I used to be with straight talk, but hated their customer service because it was like they did not know what they were doing plus they are not American. I have a total wireless smartphone. I have had no problems, no major ones. No phone is perfect. I just got internet so do not need internet on my phone.

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