TracFone, Net 10 and Straight Talk remove AT&T SIMs and other related products from their websites

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  1. Helen of Troy says:

    I wonder if AT&T will kill all of their MVNO’s, and sell prepaid themselves, increasing their profit margins.

  2. Mike says:

    I doubt it. They already had GoPhone when they entered into all the MVNO contracts. You have to wonder if ST’s horrible customer service had something to do with it.

  3. Plan Delaware says:

    Well, the talking heads @ ST’s customer (dis)service deny there is a problem and, while the website’s phone ;isting has removed the Extreme and Logic the phones remain on their tutorial page. ST’s new $249 “Showtime” is strangely similar to a $200 unit being offered by Boost. If enough buyers compare the two they may be reducing the price of loosing sales…

  4. Charles H. says:

    My optimus extreme worked great until the end of january.
    I only used it to watch about 20 mins of youtube each day.

    The last month has been hell, it takes 20 mins to watch a 10 min video. Constant buffering, while my friends watch videis no prob on straight talk in the same room. I tried factory reset, calling customer service, nothing helps. I wonder if it is related to them pulling the phone

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