TracFone Samsung S390G Wi-Fi capable now available

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  1. Frank T says:

    There is no mention anywhere of this phone being 3G. Is it true with the tracfone version?? I ordered and received this phone from HSN but I am waiting to make sure it is 3G before I move my service from my LG800G

  2. Coz says:

    I’ve seen and read many reviews on this phone. It is indeed a 3g and will connect to wireless networks. I personally was considering the LG800G, but I am now leaning toward the Samsung. HSN has an offer that is almost impossible to pass up. I’m looking for Bluetooh connectivity for a car I plan to purchase in a week or so and this looks like it should fit the bill. The 3G networking ability is a real plus, too. I will keep my fingers crossed on the bluetooth part.

  1. July 3, 2012

    […] Talk Samsung S390G available for $59.99 Posted by admin 3 July, 2012 Only last week, the Triple Minutes for Life phone, Samsung S390G, has become available for TracFone users even though it’s still not listed on the carrier’s […]

  2. July 4, 2012

    […] it is available with Double minutes for life for $19.99. The phone’s regular price is $29.99.Samsung S390G, QWERTY candybar, with Triple minutes for life, 3G and Wi-Fi enabled, is available at HSN for […]

  3. July 26, 2012

    […] at ShopCellDeals with triple minutes for life and 1200 minutes good for one year for $99.99.Samsung S390G, 3G Wi-Fi QWERTY candybar, is available at HSN with 1200 minutes, triple minutes for life, case, […]

  4. September 19, 2013

    […] Samsung S390G, QWERTY candy bar with mobile web and WiFi, is available at for $19.99 with Triple Minutes for Life and at ShopCellDeals also for $19.99. Reconditioned version of Samsung S390G you can get for free from TracFone’s website with purchase of a $19.99 card. […]

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