Ultra Mobile adds unlimited calling to San Marino and discontinues unlimited calls to Bangladesh

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  1. Laila says:

    Ultra is truly horrible; I wound up there because I need unlimited, and prepaid for a sim card with it. The site immediately rejected activating the sim (it always does) and sent me to their laughingly called “support” number from hell. They don’t even pretend they’re ever going to help, I was instantly escalated to “top tier” tech support (no idea why, as not one single rep, in 7 calls, including getting a supervisor, understood the absurdly simple problem of y’know, activating a sim). Now I’ve been told 3 times that tech support would get back to me in 48-72 hrs, which by now is obviously just more of the script. It’s been over two weeks, just got more of the same, threw the sim away – you can’t return it either, and I truly can’t afford this. Other reviews I’ve seen have similar stories, I wish I’d checked instead of just trusting Giv when they went out of business and made a deal with Ultra.

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