Verizon MVNO Total Wireless Adds LTE

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  1. Ed Dart says:

    I have owned a lot of cell phones with my first provider being LA Cellular in 1986. I have since worked with ATT, Verizon, and T-Moble.

    Total Wireless is the worse customer service I have ever had.

    As of this writing I have been told that Over Night Delivery of phones are not free, even though it is clearly on their web site.

    I was told that my Verizon Samsung S3 Phone was not compatible, so I had to talk to a Supervisor who told me it was. ( I don’t think they were a Supervisor, just someone who spoke English)

    I was not allowed to buy a sim card for another Verizon S5 phone until I had the phone, so I lost a few days from that.

    I was charged for 2- $85.00 plans for the same phone number, on the same day within a few minutes of each other. But they say I did it, because they would not make a mistake like that.

    When you call there and ask for a supervisor, they will tell you “they are a supervisor” Every time! Every person that answers the phone is a supervisor.

    Walmart should not be involved with Total Wireless.

  2. Don H says:

    I’ve had Total Wireless for one month, and have had numerous problems, the first being that there was no internet service available on the phones. I had to contact support twice, the second time I was able to get some help by having to remove the SIM card and they “re-set” the data on the account. While time consuming, other problems were resolved using the online chat service. However, today, I found out that I cannot use the “Internet Sharing” feature of my phone to connect my computer or tablet to the internet away from my home Wi-Fi. I’ve used this function for years with both AT&T and T-Mobile, but was informed that Total Wireless does not support this phone function. I wish I had known before I switched carriers. Now looking for a new service provider!

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