Verizon Offers Extra 2GB Data With Walmart Exclusive $50 And $70 Plans

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  1. Matthew Scott says:

    As far as the extra 1GB for auto pay you will not be getting that with the new $50 or $70 plan. I am getting the Bonus 2GB no issues but did not get the auto pay 1GB so I called and was told that at this time they will not offering that deal with these two plans. I asked how long they will offer the extra 2GB but she did not know when It will end or if it will end. I hope this helps anyone looking to get these deals. Also remember the roll over plan only will roll over the plans amount that you have so if your on the 5GB plan unlimited calls and texts you will only be able to roll over the 5GB saying you dont use it the next month you would have 12 GB but that amount will not roll over in total only the 5GB that are included in the plan. For me it works out great I normally use WIFI so when my auto pay went into effect I started the month out with 12 GB i had used less then 1GB the month before.

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