Verizon prepaid Basic Plan for $35/month now available

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  1. Charmin Stevens says:

    I have been trying to get help activating my phone. It took me an hour with a live chat person because I was unable to get a person or an options letting me do this.
    I also mentioned the $10.00 free airtime that was suppose to come with my phone. I was told they do not honor that because they can change policies at any time.
    How about this…I wasted $55.00 on your worthless phones and the prepaid card. I was told I needed that, I had everything I needed, but once I had my pin scratched off nobody knew what they were doing or just plan did not want to help. This is the worst customer service yet. I do not know how you stay in business with the prepaids.
    I am very, very, disappointed and I will never work with you again!!!

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