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MetroPCS Nokia Lumia 521 leaks

CDMA-based prepaid carrier MetroPCS, recently merged with T-Mobile, will be adding another GSM handset compatible with T-Mobile network to its prepaid lineup. According to the image posted by @evleaks, MetroPCS Nokia Lumia 521 will...


End of PTel CDMA service on August 26

PlatinumTel was a Sprint’s MVNO for years until in December 2012 the carrier changed its name to PTel and started offering GSM-based service on T-Mobile’s network. From the start, PTel let its customers know...




Straight Talk CDMA BYOP site goes live

Straight Talk CDMA BYOP site has been launched finally after being initially announced for March 26 and delayed afterwards. At first, the site was dysfunctional but it’s been sorted out and works properly now.